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    I was in Best Buy the other day just browsing at phones when the sales person asked if I needed help with anything. I showed her my EVO 3D and she asked if she could check my account. Found out I was eligible for an upgrade. I could switch to a Nexus 4G phone and they would give me $400 and a free Big Mac Value Meal.

    I have had no issues since the 3D upgrade but I decided to do some research on the Nexus and decided to go ahead. Hell man 400 bucks is 400 bucks. In order to trade in my EVO 3D I backed everything up and did a Factory Restore. I was going to wait to format the SD card until I actually had the Nexus in my hand.

    Well I have to say, my EVO 3D isn't going anywhere. That Factory Restore was like cleaning out the closet. Phone seems fresh, new and speedy. It installed a 9858 x 5874 1080P display. A quad core magically appeared in my phone. Putting my apps back and getting the phone configured only took about 3.4 minutes.

    Give it try folks, You won't be disappointed.
    07-15-2011 10:58 PM
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    07-15-2011 11:47 PM
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    Wrong forum methinks.
    07-16-2011 12:39 AM
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    Cross Posting - Do not post your question or topic in multiple forums or threads.
    07-16-2011 01:58 AM