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    If you are new, Welcome to Android Central!

    Here is an overview of Android Synergy, Cards, Notifications, Multitasking, Themes, Just Type, and more. See the Getting Started and the webOS Users Guide to Android for details.

    Since you are on Sprint, here is How to Upgrade Your Sprint Phone Every Year. Also, Are you getting your Sprint 5-27% EVP Discount? Just ask. And here is, Airave: Get Great Sprint Reception in Your Home.

    See the next post on how to Backup everything and transfer it over. Then buckle up for a fun ride!

    Multitasking - Android Multitasking automatically saves your work when you go to another app. You can start an email, respond to a text, open a web page, listen to music, and go right back where you left off in the email. Long-press Home to see your 8 Recent Apps.

    Cards - If you miss cards, try Perfect Task Switcher, Visual Task Switcher, Wave Launcher, Itching Thumb or launchers like LauncherPro.

    Keyboards: Physical keyboards help you type more. Predictive keyboards like SwiftKey help you type less. They learn how you think and suggest words you will most likely say next. Voice Actions tries to prevent typing.

    Near Field Communication - NFC let's youmake payment, act as a keycard, read NFC tags on a museum or retail display, or share a contact, photo, song, application, or video or pair Bluetooth devices. Touch-to-Share is a subset of NFC.

    Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse - Pair up a mouse or keyboard. See last minutes of the .

    microSD: Keep your favorite movies, music, and photos with you. Key to Backups. 16 GB ~$26 - 32 GB ~$55 & 64GB

    HDMI: Standard HD output to show a presentation, photos, or movie. Adapter cables allow VGA or RCA out.

    DLNA: Standard wireless output to your newer Blue-ray, TV, etc.

    Synergy: Android syncs contacts, calendar, and Facebook together. To set up: tap Home > Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync.

    Caller ID: Photo, status, name, and number pops up. Option: Decline with a text.

    Visual Voicemail: Play back messages like an MP3 with slider.

    Just Type: Tap Search and just type. See Search to customize and much more. You must first install Google Search from the Android Market.

    Voice Actions: Long-press Search and you can just talk instead. Again, first install Voice Search.

    Notifications take no room. Swipe down from the top. Executive Assistant lets you respond to notifications from the lock screen.

    Folders: PalmOS had folders but not webOS. Android brought Folders back. With all the apps, you will need them.

    Key Apps
    Here are a few more of the many Applications you may want to try.
    Go Contacts lets you dial a middle part of a name or number. For 202-456-1414, you can dial "456" or "1414".
    TouchPad Dialer can dial by initials. For instance, dial 2 for B, 6 for O for Barack Obama.
    Email: K-9 Mail is way better than the stock email app. Get Touchdown if you need Microsoft Exchange support.
    Messaging: Consider HandCent SMS or ChompSMS to replace the messaging app
    Internet: Consider Dolphin Browser HD or Opera Mini browser
    MyBackup Pro ($5) - Automatically backup messages, contacts, bookmarks, homescreens, alarms, dictionary, etc. Trial.
    Folder Organizer (free) - Sets up folders, change icons, and increase from 4x4 icons to 4x6 or even 5x6. See: Folders
    ASTRO File Manager : Install, run edit, & backup apps, etc. much like webOS Internalz
    Brightness Level - Set the brightness with two taps.

    A widget is a live app icon on a homescreen. webOS has one widget: the Calendar app icon updates to show the date. Widgets can take the space of a single app icon or multiple icons. See the General Tips & Tricks for how to use widgets to set up an amazing control panel. Beware: some widgets take a lot of battery power. Here are some great Widgets to get you started.

    Tajm - The amazing clock widget in words instead of numbers shown above.
    Battery Status (free, Upgraded $1) - Puts the real battery percentage in the Notification Bar.
    The Weather Channel - Puts the temperature in the Notification bar.
    • Speed Dial Widget: Folder Organizer (free), GO Contacts (iPhone theme), MeContacts, or QDial.
    Battery Left Widget - Estimates battery time left.
    Today Widget - Day and date in a 1x1 widget. ($1 Pro version has color options)
    • Curvefish: • WiFi On-OffBluetooth On-OffGPS On-Off
    Volume Button Controller – All the volume levels in one place.

    Live Wallpaper is animated. The earth moves, clouds billow, stars tinkle, and fish swim. Practical uses include live GPS and weather maps.

    Note: This forum is for owners and those interested in this phone. If you prefer other phones, please post your comments in those forums. See the Forum Guidelines.

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    • Note that phones such as the Nexus S line do not come with all of the features listed here.
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    Awesome, i loveed your photon post like this. i plan on getting this phone as soon as it drops, thanks so much for helping out the webos transplants!
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