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    Remember when back in March/ April when Sprint took away the gold and silver tiers? I remember that by calling Sprint people were able to get one last upgrade when they were originaly supposed . Is this still thie case? My Epic was stolen and with the SGII so close to comming out i dont want to buy another Epic. I checked my update status and it says

    $75 with a two-year subscriber agreement (or $25 with a one-year agreement) 10/01/2011


    $150 with a two-year subscriber agreement (or $75 with a one-year agreement) 08/01/2012

    I know Best Buy can activate 2 weeks early from this date, since they did it for my Epic. Does anybody have any information about someone i can contact to see if they will grant me one last update? Ive been paying the bill now for about a month and no phone..
    08-21-2011 09:07 PM
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    Nobody has any ideas??
    08-26-2011 07:40 PM
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    The only way you're going to find out is to call Sprint. There's nobody special that's going to give you the answer you want, you'll just have to plead your case and see what answer you get.
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    08-27-2011 11:29 AM
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    Yea call them up and just explain to them that you were told that you would be able to. Also I'm assuming you don't have the insurance to get it replaced for 100 bucks? if they do upgrade in make sure its noted on your account and even then call them before you go get the phone to make sure everything is still there so you will have no problems... till then get yourself a cheap prepaid phone to use for now...
    08-27-2011 12:58 PM