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    Hi all,

    Some quick questions about the epic 4g touch for sprint?

    So it really has no NFC support?? Would you all consider this a deal breaker??? Just looking for some food for though. I think its the future but i guess it won't be really all widespread anyway in the two years one would normally own this phone. But it kinda makes me wonder why samsung did not include this or is this sprint's fault?? I mean the NS4g has it so why not this phone??!

    Next, i was originally considering the prime because it will get updates first and such, but i like that i get different features (more cool than not) with touchwiz. Anyway, i am wondering if this thing will be updated in a timely fashion? I don't need it to be quick but am just curious. I know that a while ago google promised to cut down on the fragmentation but im not seeing any indications yet.

    With the acquisition of moto mobility, i heard a rumor that samsung may buy webOS and give up on android? thoughts??

    08-30-2011 10:07 PM