1. pirarre's Avatar
    Do anyone know how many times Bestbuy allows you to exchange phones?

    The reason being is because I want to get this Epic Touch. We opened a new line of service at Bestbuy last week and got the Photon. However some of the issues we noticed with the photon was silent calls, camera taking dark pics in well lighted rooms etc. So we returned it for a Nexus S 4G. The NS4G ran good, however, it had very bad reception issues. What made us return it, was because my wife was using the phone and attempted to call me several times and the none of the calls ever connected. This happened almost the entire day. So we went back to BB and they swapped it out for another NS4G. However, not that it matters at all because we can't use it out hear yet, but the NFC doesn't work. Every time I turned I turn it on, I get the message of an "Unknown Error".

    So my question is do anyone know if Bestbuy would let me swap this NS4G out a third time? If they're not going to do it, I guess what I can do is return the NS4G to them, just keep the line active with one of my old Sprint phones, then just go to the Sprint store and put a grab a Epic Touch
    08-31-2011 12:57 AM
  2. Latteart's Avatar
    Going to try the same thing(kinda). Do you know what I can do to return the NS4G and get the SGSII on a new account without cancelling my new account for the discount price? I have an Airwave coming and don't want to screw that up.
    09-01-2011 01:03 AM