1. yankees177's Avatar
    On my Evo internet settings there was a way to open all sites in desktop mode not in mobile mode. How do I do that? There were some sites I could get for free in desktop mode but not in mobile mode.
    09-17-2011 09:22 PM
  2. yankees177's Avatar
    apparently if you type about:useragent in the url and then select desktop it will switch to desktop mode but from what I gather it is only temporary and there is no setting to change it. Annoying!
    09-17-2011 09:52 PM
  3. Cory Streater's Avatar
    One of the first things I do after I get a new phone is install Dolphin. You're right it is lame that you can't set it in the default browser.
    09-17-2011 10:03 PM
  4. atl10pnr's Avatar
    One of the many reason I download Opera for mobile.
    09-17-2011 10:19 PM