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    Any opinions, advice, suggestions... The concept seems pretty cool; the ability to access up to 20,000 songs anywhere in the 'clouds'. Anyone out there have experience with this app?

    Any chance someone can send me an invite ? PLEASE! lol

    What's the difference between this app and KiesAir?
    09-18-2011 02:35 PM
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    I have it and love it. PM me and i'll send you one. Also Google+ if you want it.
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    09-18-2011 02:58 PM
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    KiesAir is specifically for transferring files from computer to Samsung device. It does this wirelessly but you have to actively move files over and then they remain on your devices storage.

    Google Music Beta (GMb henceforth) is a service that uploads your local music on your computer (only non DRM files) to Google's servers. Your Google Music app on your phone will then allow you to access and stream all of that music for free (for now) anytime anywhere (with service). I emphasize stream, meaning the files are not actually on your device but rather on a remote server that lets you play them on your device using your data connection (1X, 3G, 4G or wifi). On that note, you are able to selectively, and on the fly, mark songs, albums, artists or playlists you want available offline and they will be downloaded to your device. So when you jump on a plane or drove out in the sticks you can still have access to your favorite tunes. Another nice feature is that it will automatically make available to you offline those songs which you listen to regularly. Furthermore if you log into the web userinterface for GMb (which is actually very nice) you can make a playlist and that playlist is INSTANTLY available on any peripheral device running Google Music. Finally, the audio quality when streaming is very good. Unless you are dedicated individual with an entire library coded in FLAC, you will likely agree the sound is rich and full (assuming the file uploaded is that way already).

    Some "downsides" to GMb. As the service only serves your non-DRM files, Google never got down to a deal with any record labels thus they cannot sell you or rent you new music thus there is no store (as opposed to iTunes or Amazon). Also it is not meant for backing up your music as you cannot go in and download all of your files again like in Amazon Cloud Drive services and Cloud Player. This is handy if your desktop hard drive nose-dives.

    I personally now use GMb and LOVE IT. I received my invite back in June (incidentally the day after activating my Galaxy Tab 10.1 - coincidence? That's a different topic). I do not need a music store as I belong to some very good and very selective private communities to build my massive music collection. Nor do I need a cloud back up service as I have a home server for all my many backup and restore needs.

    Hopefully you get an invite soon but until you do, might I recommend AudioGalaxy. Refer to my post I wrote here on this subject:


    I made that post shortly before getting my GMb invite. Basically it offers a similar service as GMb but uses your own computer as the server. This means that you must leave your computer on if you want listen to your music while abroad. But it allows you to carry your entire library of tunes in your pocket no matter how large as there is no file limit. Also its FREE :-)
    Plus with recent updates to the android app (found in the Android Market) there is a shiney new UI which is quite nice.

    Basically there are many options out there for music on the go with your Android device. Everyone has different devices, coverage areas, music library sizes, needs and wants so the reality is there is no right one to use. It's just a question of what works best for you.

    Hope this helps.

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    09-18-2011 03:26 PM
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    Google Music Beta works flawlessly so far. Pretty amazing to be able to carry your entire library without using any storage...
    09-18-2011 04:03 PM
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    I have it and love it. PM me and i'll send you one. Also Google+ if you want it.
    Pm sent
    09-18-2011 04:19 PM
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    Yup... my PM was sent first! lol j/k but for real, i really did send you the pm sndplace haha.... anxiously/patiently waiting, if thats possible
    09-18-2011 04:42 PM