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    So in my car I have an adapter plug that goes to a 3.5mm headphone male cable which I plug into my SGSIIE4GT so I can run music and phone calls through the car sound system. I have noticed that after about 10-15 minutes the sound volume will noticeably decreases and is accompanies by distorted sound and crackling. This can happen in any app playing the sound, Music, Pandora, Listen, etc.Unplugging the jack and plugging it back in does not resolve it. Killing the app and restarting can OCCASIONALY fix it but only temporarily. Reboots will fix it again only temporarily as it will continue to happen later on. Anybody have similar issues? Thoughts?

    Edit: oh and I have tried using my iPod with no issues so I am pretty sire it is not the cable or AV headunit.

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    09-19-2011 01:47 PM
  2. mikaeltarquin's Avatar
    I haven't had that issue, but on a related note, my speaker stopped working entirely. The only way sound can output is through headphones or the earpiece. It's only been a few hours since I got this phone!
    09-19-2011 10:43 PM
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    09-19-2011 10:45 PM
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    The problem I had was getting the wire to seat against the curved edge around the headphone jack. If I take my time plugging it in it seems to run just fine
    09-19-2011 11:25 PM