1. tuna83's Avatar
    So, I noticed when I first charged the Epic Touch with the charger included...

    The phone says MTP - Connected. This of course also pops up when I plug it in to my laptop via USB.

    Now, the phone charges slower through usb but if I have it connected to the part that plugs into a poweroutlet that comes with phone shouldn't it just charge as if it were a normal charger. Not the MTP way?

    Now if I plug it into other wall chargers I have it makes no mention of this and chargers faster. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    I of course have no idea what MTP stands for... Any help would be welcomed. I hope this isn't a double post.
    09-19-2011 02:28 PM
  2. atl10pnr's Avatar
    MTP stands for in this case Media Transfer Protocol. Not sure why the charger would show this unless there is a bug. It is standard when connected to a computer anlong with MSC (Mass Storage Class).
    09-19-2011 03:07 PM