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    A few questions for those that already got their SGS2:

    1. Does the app have multi item operations? (i.e. Delete, Move, Mark Read, etc)
    Samsung's are horrible with this, individual operations is annoying for managing business email.

    2. Does the app have full peak/off-peak settings? (the Epic 4G did ok on this)
    The Evo 4G has been buggy with this at times, but it turns on/off correctly about 95% of the time.

    3. Does the app now allow you to turn off Refresh on Open? (biggest thing missing from Epic 4G)
    If I need to pull up an existing email for reference on the weekend, I don't want to pull down 400 emails just to look at it, that sucks for battery life doing so many little operations.

    I've got my Evo and haven't switched to another phone since because the HTC Email app has the most feature rich support for Exchange and Webmail accounts. The Evo 3D never interested me due to lack of kickstand and the 3D is something I would never use. If the email app for the SGS2 is finally evolved beyond just another GingerClone, then I think the SGS2 would be a great business/pleasure replacement (minus the kickstand) for the Evo 4G. Sometimes I miss my TP2, but the Evo had everything except the keyboard (still none better since then) plus the kickstand and multi calendar integration (MS should've never screwed up Cross Pollination in Exchange in WinMo 6.1).

    The biggest thing for me is a phone being able to excel at work and play. If they focus on one and half-*** the other then it isn't worth the upgrade to me.

    Thanks for the quick answers, everyone.
    09-19-2011 02:28 PM
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    09-22-2011 08:09 PM