1. sportsplayer5959's Avatar
    I would like to add mobile data to the notification bar so i can turn it on and off as i please

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    09-19-2011 06:44 PM
  2. youngjediboy's Avatar
    I'd like to know if that's possible too! I like toggles in the notification bar, but it'd be perfect if there was a toggle to turn off 3G/all cellular data altogether.
    09-19-2011 06:51 PM
  3. BRIVERS73's Avatar
    Your gonna have to wait until a developer starts digging through those files & make this happen. It would have been a very nice feature for Samsung to add to TouchWiz
    09-19-2011 07:02 PM
  4. Nic's Avatar
    There was an app called "bar control" that let me add apps to the notification bar on my evo. I have not tried it on this though.
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    09-19-2011 07:38 PM
  5. BRIVERS73's Avatar
    Thanks man, didn't know this was on the Market. There is another one call Notification Toggle where u can put apps as well as system settings in the drop down but the icons are to big
    09-19-2011 07:58 PM