09-27-2011 07:21 AM
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  1. Citymusic08's Avatar
    I've never thought about turning off the animations and haptic feedback even... but I think I will try that tomorrow and see if I can get anywhere near your battery life.

    Are you using any task managers or monitors to keep apps from spontaneously starting?

    I just did a factory reset on my phone so it should be clean of any rogue apps and I want to see if I can emulate this kind of battery life. If you can do it and you also have "yellow" phone signal then I should be able to also.
    Nah I don't i just go and check every now and then and also turning off 3G data might help tremendously
    09-26-2011 07:31 PM
  2. Cotano's Avatar
    I'm going to use mines a little more before bed. I did charge it on the way to work through usb with the gps on. But keep in mind that this was a usb charge and not a car charger because i forgot my car charger at home...

    On the way back I had to charge my bluetooth and still used my gps a bit to avoid the traffic. I think I had over a hour or 2 of talk time and used the web a little more than usual. I have full animations and vibration on. My screen stays around 70% of brightness.

    Keep in mind my battery isn't the best it could be. That is how I wish to use my phone and I'm happy to see it last the entire day under such use. Despite what some people seem to think I am not in a contest to see who can have the longest battery life. I just wanted to know that you didn't have to stop everything on your phone in order for it to get decent battery life.

    Edit: Pay special attention to what the gps did to my battery while the phone wasn't charging. That is the type of stuff you want to avoid doing if possible.
    09-26-2011 09:24 PM
  3. t0t's Avatar
    I have a bit of a noob question.. kinda unrelated, but in those battery graphs, what is the difference between the reading up top above the graph, and the reading below above 'phone signal'?
    09-27-2011 01:12 AM
  4. Krasin's Avatar
    Are you rooted? If you are, you could try an app called setcpu to underclock your phone while the screen is off. It helps for times when you don't used your phone a lot like at work.

    Edit: I just hope Sprint pushes out a radio fix for you guys (Evo 4G here).
    09-27-2011 01:21 AM
  5. taylormah's Avatar
    I have a bit of a noob question.. kinda unrelated, but in those battery graphs, what is the difference between the reading up top above the graph, and the reading below above 'phone signal'?
    Yeah, the same question, and what is the difference between colors on the Phone Signal bar. I believe it can have 2-3 shades of yellow, green and red. What is the difference?
    09-27-2011 02:06 AM
  6. youngjediboy's Avatar
    I've been getting mostly yellows so I just figure my Sprint signal isn't that good.
    It sucks because I DO get a connection and haven't had any problems with dropped calls, but 3G speeds aren't very fast for me and I've just been keeping 4G off because that's just been spotty at best. I've called Sprint about it and they weren't much help since I am getting voice and data connections without them dropping or disconnecting.

    Ok so earlier today I did a factory reset and have been trying to see if it helped with battery life and it's better than when I started this thread, but it's still nowhere near the battery life some of you guys have been getting.
    This along with this random stuck/phantom capacitative button issues that's popped up is having me think I have a hardware problem.
    09-27-2011 03:46 AM
  7. bsmoove386's Avatar
    I rarely use my phone as a web browser. I have other apps that for me in a more efficient manor. My average browse time in a day is like maybe 30 minutes total. I spend about a hour or so on the phone and maybe 30 or 40 text a day. I also play a few games. I avoid the battery hungry games when I'm not connect to a charger. However, this phone closes games... I don't know why but it is annoying.

    Normally around bed time my battery is around that 16 hour time my battery is around between 50% and 10% depending on my signal. I highly believe that someone could get 30 hours of battery of normal usage if they live in a well covered signal area. But we all call normal usage different things. Again, I haven't gotten 30 hours but I have had 16 hours at 50% battery. Not plugging up my phone while sleeping and getting ready for work would probably give me another 8+ hours with maybe 10% or less battery use. I doubt that would be fair to post because I'm not using my phone while I'm sleeping.

    To manage my phone even longer I recently brought a car charger and I carry a usb with me at work since I work with pcs I can charge my phone while working. I haven't even had to use my spare battery yet.

    On another note: Some people don't seem to understand the point of turning everything off when we are facing battery problems. The purpose of doing this isn't so we can make it through a day of use without having the phone die on us or at least that shouldn't be the purpose. My purpose of doing these things is to find out what is causing the battery to drain so fast. So I'll go one day without anything and see what is happening and then slowly start to add everything back overtime till I determined what the problem is.

    My battery widget and phone has been wrong before. When I first got it was really off. Went down to 0% and I used it for another before it actually died. A widget can only read what a phone is telling it and at times that can be off. Reminds me a lot of a laptop battery.

    I think the above user is correct. What really makes the difference is time itself.

    Edit: I haven't used my device much today. Two phone calls a few e-mails and text and a little browsing of the internet and market. Going to use my gps soon so I'm going to plug it in later.
    Do you have your emails automatically syncing? I had great batt life 18hrs+ but I'm not entirely sure of how valid this statement is because I only had the phone for two days only running on wifi with twitter and gmail and facebook autosyncing and my phone wasn't activated yet. (I wanted to see how much of an improvement it was before switching over as well as learning bout the pros n con of the current root methods) then i rooted my epic touch and added and restore data for apps i had on my Evo. Now whenever I browse the net or go on twitter i can see my batt percentages decreasing by 1 every few minutes. So I installed juice defender turning off data whenever and connecting to wifi. I have had watchdog and system panel installed to monitor. I dont see any apps causing a drain just system is high. In my system processes I see suspend and events/0 (something like that) at high cpu percentage. But im sure suspend has to be like an idle service right?! (I also feel like me restoring my data from my Evo has something to do it could I be wrong? Or maybe my sd card do i need to reformat it since it was partitioned for my Evo?

    I have seen on XDA that auto sync seems to be a problem with high android usage. I have go launcher ex installed and no background apps everything is manual. I only have my g mail auto sync. I used my phone yesterday a little less than heavy (I'm a very heavy user I text all day. I tweet almost every 10-15 mins. Go on the net every once in awhile. Look on pulse every hour). But yesterday I kept it limited I saw my phone last til about 19% at 10pm from a 99% charge at 2:50pm. So about 7 hours I say but I wasn't using it like I normally do. I can charge my phone at work and I have class after work (usually from 3-5) so I usually charge at work so it doesnt die on me during classes.My rooted Evo on Synergy would only last about 5 hours on full charge) But i really would love to go from 7am-5pm on a single charge easily since I'm always kind of available to charge my phone.

    Today at work I had a full charge at 7:15am. I"m going to use my phone all day like I "normally" would and see how long it lasts me. I also have power saving on at 50% turning off auto sync and screen timeout to 15 secs. If it doesn't at least last me til about 2pm before hitting below 50%. I'm going to try using my phone tomorrow with auto sync off period and setup my gmail on email syncing every30 mins
    09-27-2011 07:21 AM
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