1. Grebnehtor's Avatar

    I noticed the same thing with my Epic Touch 4G that I noticed with my Evo 4G. Everyone seems to use the same speedtest.net app from the marketplace to test their connection. On my Evo I would use it and always got low readings, even when testing my home FiOS connection. I have used several different websites through the browsers built in Flash and seemed to get closer readings.

    I use : Speakeasy - Speed Test

    For example at my place of work using both methods on 4G standing in the exact same spot.

    Speedtest.net App: 5-7mbps
    Website in browser: 10-12mbps

    The same usually goes for 3G as well.

    Anyone else try or notice something similar? I tend to trust the site more because I use it at home on my PC and it pegs my connection at exactly what it is.
    09-23-2011 01:43 AM
  2. madkaw's Avatar
    Yes, way back in the first EVO days everyine figured out that the speakeasy test is very inaccurate. Look for speed test in the market by Extreme Labs. It is really nice and tracks along side my laptop and desktop in accuracy.
    My home connection is a 15meg cable. I can monitor while downloading and it will pull 14.9, right where it should be. The laptop agrees also, on wifi the speakeasy test never gets above 11 or 12. The extreme labs app says 14.5-6. Much closer.
    09-23-2011 07:33 AM