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    "Pure Android Experience" on an Epic 4G Touch

    Some prefer a "Pure Android Experience", meaning to have just the basic features like a Nexus S. Most Android phones have a custom overlay that adds features as well as upgrading the Email, Messaging, Phone, Contacts, and other apps. The "Clean" Sprint ID Pack can be downloaded for the Epic 4G Touch, Photon 4G, Epic 4G, and other Sprint phones. The Clean ID Pack allowis you to remove many of the added features and have an Android interace instead without rooting or breaking your warranty.

    Note that this will still not be the "pure" Android Experience. Pure Android phones like the Nexus S do not have 20 features including Speed Dial, Smart Dial, Contact Groups, Camera Zoom, Visual Voicemail, or texts longer than 160 Characters. Pure Google also has disabled the Facebook Sync so that photos, status, messages, events, birthdays, and notifications do not sync.

    So, would you like to try a more "pure" Android interface? You can switch back to your normal Sprint ID Pack any time.

    To add the Clean ID pack shown here, tap Get New and scroll down to the Clean ID pack. Tap Clean ID and let it install. If you get an error that the Sprint Network is not detected, just swipe down on the Notification bar at the top and turn off WiFi and try Sprint ID again.

    In a moment your screen will change to one similar to that shown at the top. You will only have five homescreens and just three apps in the "dock" at the bottom: Phone, Apps, and Sprint ID.

    You can still long-press on a blank spot on a home screen to add an app or widget. App Folders are not available. You can delete items from the home screens as before, just drag and drop to the garbage can. Tap Menu Wallpaper to change wallpaper as usual.

    Are you ready to have your normal features back? Touch the green Sprint ID icon in the App dock at the bottom and use the steps above to change your Sprint ID back.

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    09-27-2011 06:03 PM
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    Keep up the good work. This phone is freaking amazing!
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    09-27-2011 06:13 PM
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    Having a AC adviser like Milo on our SGSIIE4GT forums is awesome. Thank you sir for increasing the quality if information to new and seasoned users alike!
    09-27-2011 09:41 PM
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    Keep up the good work. This phone is freaking amazing!
    Thank you!
    09-28-2011 04:07 PM
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    will this delete bloatware from the device or hide it?
    11-07-2011 12:10 PM
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    the problem I found with the "clean" theme is the phone icon. When i press it, it goes to contacts and not the dial pad. I ended up using the Samsung theme and then uninstall the Sprint apps that allowed it.

    So far so good.
    11-07-2011 06:01 PM
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    I have the photon and I still have the Motorola Dock
    11-08-2011 05:16 PM