1. atl10pnr's Avatar
    In my house I have dropped down to just 3g because I get faster speed than with 4g. Seems if you don't have a good signal for 4g it can be slower than 3g. Anyone else or should I call sprint?
    09-27-2011 07:07 PM
  2. HollyDolly's Avatar
    4G is patchy at best. When it works, it's amazing (i.e. it worked well for me on the rooftop of my office building while I tested streaming Netflix - rocked it). But most of the time, it doesn't work that well. Leave 3G on all the time and turn on 4G if you can't get 3G and/or if you want to boost the 3G data speed in an area that gets 4G speeds (which, in my case, seems to only be on rooftops, midtown!).

    Sprint told me today that 4G "should always work" but they're delusional - it doesn't. At least, it doesn't for me.

    I personally prefer Wifi at home (no hotspot, just right off my home network).
    09-28-2011 01:24 AM
  3. Mikest's Avatar
    When I'm at home I use wifi, and its faster than both 3G and the non existent 4G in my area
    09-28-2011 01:52 AM
  4. atl10pnr's Avatar
    After reading what you 2 wrote will be useing wifi at home also. Did a little more looking and typed in my address in the Sprint coverage 4g map. Seems that I get on street 4G. Not the in building 4G tho. So guess a call to Sprint will do no good as they are aware of it.
    09-28-2011 02:17 AM