1. gksspot555's Avatar
    I have several old Touchstones laying around and wondered if I removed the base of the touchstone and plugged that into the SGSII if it would not only work but be safe for the phone to do so. Anyone know?
    09-28-2011 11:15 PM
  2. expertzero1's Avatar
    im using my hp touchpads usb cord.
    09-28-2011 11:15 PM
  3. g_schrage52's Avatar
    I'm using 3 old Palm touchstone chargers with no problems so far.
    09-29-2011 07:22 AM
  4. xtn's Avatar
    Works fine.

    Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk
    09-29-2011 07:31 AM
  5. romanodog's Avatar
    yup, that's what I've been using since day 1
    09-29-2011 08:03 AM
  6. graffix31's Avatar
    +1 def works no problem.
    09-29-2011 08:31 AM
  7. dr_elusive's Avatar
    That's all i have used since day 1. i haven't even taken the Samsung chargers out of the box. The USB cables are way to short to be useful to me. Plus i get a little sentimental value in plugging the chrome dot into the epic. I just wish i could use the touchstones.

    09-29-2011 08:55 AM
  8. TheMacs's Avatar
    Have a bunch too. All worked fine. Even one set up in the car.
    09-29-2011 10:35 AM