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    So I decided to root my phone since a Mac method came out. I mainly did it to restore my app data from my Titanium Backup of my EVO 4G so now I got my game scores and everything back. I rarely wireless tether but I installed the latest beta of Wireless Tether for Root Users, 3.1 beta 6.

    I did a bunch of speed tests last night and just this morning and it seems like I consistently get faster down speeds while tethered to my computer than on the phone itself!? On the phone I got anywhere from 1100 - 1300 kbps down and 500 - 800 kbps up. Actually these numbers are very surprising right now since I usually barely get 1000/500.

    Then while tether my iMac consistently got 1500+ kbps down! The uploads where less impressive as they were lower than on the phone with 300+ kbps up.

    Anyone with Sprint Hotspot or Wireless Tether for Root Users have this happen too? Maybe it's just coincidence but I think that the phone still has to get optimized to get it's maximum 3G speed. I will definitely try this out when speeds are slower and in a different area. I'm in Queens and I'll give Manhattan a try. 3G has been pretty slow there.
    10-01-2011 08:22 AM

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