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    I researched it a little bit and found some answers but my problem appears to be a little more involving.

    Goal: 1 Google account so all 4 phones can download the once paid apps, but 4 different emails and different contacts on all 4 SGS2.

    What I did:

    1. First and foremost, create 4 gmail accounts if not already done. Organize your gmail contacts. If migrating from Iphone(2 of my old phones are Iphone), you can set Itunes to sync your Iphone contacts with Google so that your Iphone contacts will appear in your gmail.

    2. Backup your gmail contacts by exporting to csv files and name them accordingly.

    3. Sign in with first phone to app market using my primary Google accounts. I have contacts in Gmail so that automatically pull down the contacts for the phone to use.

    4. Sign in the second phone to app market with my primary Google accounts also. This does the same thing and my contacts are pulled down. Now go to Contacts:More:Accounts. Select my Gmail accounts and disable syncing of contacts. Now select all the contacts and delete them all(It will not delete your gmail contact on your pc if you disable syncing of contact but just in case, I already backup my gmail contacts to csv files).

    5. Start gmail on the second phone and ADD the second phone gmail account. Contacts should pull down to the phone automatically. Now I just disable syncing on my primary account but the second SGS2 can still get my gmail if needed. A workaround is to just not use gmail if the second phone only wants to see it's email. That can be done by adding an email account in the stock email app. Now secone phone has it's own contact and email address.

    6. Repeat with third and fourth phone.

    This does work but you still have to do a lot of reconfiguration in Skype. I still can't figure out how to get Google talk to work between the 4 phones since I can't seem to set up Google talk with individual gmail account.

    Any comments on better way of doing this is welcome and appreciated since this is only my third day on Android.
    10-08-2011 01:09 PM