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    If you are having problems with your Samsung Epic 4G Touch, try calling Samsung.

    1. Register your Galaxy S II device if you haven't already.
    2. Call Samsung at (888)987-4357
    → Tap 1 for mobile devices → 4 mobile devices → 1 Android devices
    3. Give the CSR your model number SPH-D710ZKASPR and Serial number like: A000002FUBAR11 from behind the battery.
    4. Get the CSR's ID. It will be like STAM000.
    5. Get your Tag number. It will be like 210-943-1234
    6. Samsung will tell you that:
    → No one has ever reported any problem with the Epic 4G Touch.
    → It must be your phone - Do a factory data reset. (That will not work.)
    7. Detail the problem:
    → These problems are being reported all over the country. It's not your phone.
    → A factory reset does not fix it. Every Epic has these problems.

    Here are the most commonly reported issues:

    USB Host does not work
    Samsung Website: Tips & Tricks: Epic 4G Touch | Samsung Articles & Insights
    "With the optional USB adapter, you can connect devices such as keyboards, mice and thumb drives to the Epic 4G Touch."
    Users have tried multiple Samsugn adapters that do work on International SG2's but no USB Host adapter work on the Epic 4G Touch.
    Tap to enlarge.

    Epic 4G Touch Cannot Use Automated Phone Menu Systems
    The Epic 4G Touch stops sending tones after you are connected for about 30 seconds meaning that you will not be able to navigate many automated phone menu systems (such as Samsungs). All E4GT's do this. You do not have a bad phone. A reset will not fix it. If the other party does not disconnect, you can get the Green Bar of Death over the Notifications.

    Sprint and Samsung are aware of Cellular radio issues
    Galaxy S2 Connection and Samsung Tech Support
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