1. kipdurran's Avatar
    I am having two issues with the bluetooth connection to my car.

    1) Randomly the phone won't connect, and I have to cycle the bluetooth on the phone and then it will connect. This never happened with My Treos (650, 700w). Not a big deal but an annoyance nonetheless.

    2) Occasionally when making a call from the car there is a loud irritating noise for a second.Once again I never had this with the other phones.

    I looked on the phone and I can't really find any bluetooth settings other than discovery/pairing controls.

    Any others having these issues?
    10-09-2011 11:52 AM
  2. jong-droid's Avatar
    YES!! I've been having problems with Bluetooth as well. It's really aggravating as I use Bluetooth all the time.

    I have two Bluetooth headsets that I use constantly
    - an old Motorola H500
    - Plantronics Explorer 240

    I'm experiencing connection problems, where I have to cycle the power of my Bluetooth headset and toggle the Bluetooth using the powerbar or settings. Sometimes the phone will forget the connection preferences altogether and I need to repair the devices with the phone.

    I'm also experiencing poor BlueTooth connection quality.. Intermittently, when I get the bluetooth connected, I'll go to make a call and it'll sound really awful, like I'm listening down a tin can.. very poor quality where I can barely make out what the other person is saying... I have to cycle the power again on the headset and phone in order to improve it... It'll come and go, too.. Just last night, I made a phone call, had to reboot the Bluetooth to improve quality, finally worked, then I received a phone call minutes after I ended the first one, did not disconnect the bluetooth or anything, and the sound was crummy again.

    I upgraded from the OG Droid. The OG Droid never had a problem connecting to either of these devices. I ran the stock OG ROM, Peter Alfonso ROM, and Cyanogenmod -- all three worked fine as far as bluetooth was concerned..

    With this is mind, I don't see how it could be BOTH bluetooth devices and not a phone issue...

    Unless it's just Sprint's service??? I just switched over from VZW... maybe that's the issue? but i haven't noticed any 3G connection issues..

    I've experienced this problem before and after the latest OTA update-- which I had hoped would resolve it.. but no.
    12-16-2011 09:02 AM
  3. Gator352's Avatar
    It's not a sprint issue. It's a BT issue.

    My Blueant Q2 sounded horrible and had connection problems with my Evo 3D I had but was perfect with my Photon. With my E4GT, it works and sounds great also. If I use my moto HX550 though with the E4GT, it disconnects like a bad biotch and has low volume when it does work.
    12-17-2011 05:13 AM