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    After watching the Google/Samsung event last night, I got into an android vs. apple debate with a friend. My friend told me that he was over Android phone because he could never find one that could do everything right and that there are too man phones. He was also upset because he bought a Sensation in June and there is already an "updated better" version out that has only .3MHz more and a bigger battery. I guess he loves his iphone because everyone has the same thing.

    This conversation took be back to when I was younger and my family and I would go out to dinner. My mom would always say that my eyes were bigger than my stomach because I would always want to order everthing on the menu. But it wasn't that I wanted to eat all of it. I just always liked a variety.

    Which is why I think I love android so much. I love having options. They come in all different shapes and sizes and you can get them at a variety of prices. Unlike my friend i'm not that loyal to brands. As long as I have hardware that's comparable to the latest and OS isn't outdated(don't let me down Sammy), then I'm good. For instance, If I had the iphone 4, then I would not upgrade to the 4s. I would only update my OS. I only left my og EVO because of the constant low memory warrnings and bad camera. And after the announcement of the Galaxy Nexus, I'll stick with android on my E4GT even though I'm still within my return window.The hardware wasn't that compelling and i'll get ICS one way or another.

    So to all those sticking with Android and thier E4GT's, i'll be right her with you, eyes wide open waiting for that ICS goodness!
    10-19-2011 06:56 PM