10-27-2011 07:20 PM
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    Forgot one thing!

    I called Sprint the other day, because I read here something about that on this new plan; which I had to switch to going from my Webos Pre. that we no longer get free data roaming (voice roaming is still free).

    So Sprint confirmed to me what I read here, no free data roaming anymore!

    So guys and gals please be careful when switching on data roaming.

    I suggest you set your phone to 'Sprint only'. Then if you really need it you can turn it on manually.

    To be honest, a lot of users are running into trouble when its set to data roaming. Seems the Epic is trying to switch when it shouldn't.


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    Does Data roaming apply to texting too? At work i get very poor reception and am in roaming most times so instead of using phone to make calls i do texting instead. Am I going to get charged extra for every text i send and receive while on roaming?
    10-27-2011 08:59 AM
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    The only real complaint i have with them as of now is data speeds.
    Seems the system is getting over loaded and speeds will vary from a hundred kb down to just over a meg. The other day i was doing some testing and it was 1.8mb down.
    I called customer care Monday to get my MSL codes and i got it within a couple of minutes. No long wait on the phone, no transfers. The first rep verified my info and gave me the code. When i had a mogul it took me 3 calls. So i think they have made some improvements.
    You are right that i have complained about a few things. Spending limit fee and slow data speeds. But over all i am happy.
    I feel that for the price i am getting good service. I had ATT about 6 years ago, had a lot of dropped calls. I have a work phone now thats an iPhone 4 and seems nothing has changed. Still get dropped calls. I actually have almost full bars in my office with ATT, but with Sprint its 1 bar, and yet i seem to have to make my important or longer duration calls on my Sprint phone so i wont drop it.
    I have never used the other carriers so havnt burned my bridges with them.
    I guess its all perspective. If they were truly so bad i dont think they would be in business anymore.
    As far as them dropping wimax thats a good thing.
    As a company they were the first to implement a new technology so they could brand 4G. Not add some minor upgrade to boost speeds and call it 4G. I read on a wiki page somewhere about 4G and its terminology and i am not sure any carrier truly has it yet. I think right now its all about branding.
    Sprint had it first, tested it, found it wasnt to their liking, and are making the switch to a better technology.
    Its good to see consumers watching their bills, with several million customers, all it takes is a 1 dollar mistake on all the bills to make them a few billion bucks. I check every bill before i make a payment.
    Mistakes happen. In the past Sprint has been pretty good about correcting them. But they always ask me to make the payment and then they apply a credit to the next bill. Seems they cant adjust a bill once its been created. But i guess thats big business.

    Sprint has also changed up a lot of stuff with rebates. For a while they had it, got rid of it, it came back and now i think they are gone again. I remember waiting for my rebate on my EVO 4G. But now i think they dont have them anymore.

    I went to a Sprint / HTC Customer appreciation event last week in Dallas and spoke with a Sprint rep from their corporate HQ, and she said a lot of people are unhappy about the removal of the Premier Program sprint offered. But they are doing it to save money.

    Heres what matters to me. My bill is 59.99 plus 10 for smart phone plus 4.99 spending limit fee plus taxes. Averages to around 85 a month. I am ok with that. (well not the spending limit fee. LOL)
    I have friends on other carries with single line prices at or over 100 bucks.

    lets just agree to disagree. I like Sprint. You like ATT. Were both opinionated.

    EDIT Let me rephrase a tad bit. 4G branding as we know it applies to the different generations of system upgrades. To me Wimax is not 4G because it was not an upgrade to the existing 3G CDMA system. But since it does give faster data speeds it is 4G. Verizon and ATT are more true 4G because they are implementing LTE on their systems as a true upgrade to existing equipment. Sprint added a whole separate network. But with Sprint it hasnt crashed. With Verizon they have had 3 separate and complete data outages related to LTE failure. Thank you Verizon for helping everyone work out the bugs in LTE. By the time Sprint gets it hopefully it will be fixed.
    I am glad to see Sprint and the other carriers going with LTE, Long Term Evolution equipment. FYI, this is a great read, 3GPP Long Term Evolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hopefully this will bring handset costs down over time so manufacturers wont have to make so many different versions of a phone with different chip sets and different band / type of radios in them.
    great post.. but for the record I dont like ATT, I do like Verizon though
    10-27-2011 07:20 PM
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