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    So Apple thought that Siri would be revolutionary, magical, a REAL LIFE personal assistant - built into your phone, AND THEN..... And then Android Developers pulled a fast one! - LITERALLY, in 8 hours and brought forth a demon of most epic proportions, IRIS! (what's the spell backwards? lol)

    The question then, is this: "Does Iris really pose a threat to Siri?"

    The answer and more in this short Youtube Clip BELOW!!!
    10-28-2011 02:12 AM
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    I don't think it is going to matter that there is an Android alternative to Siri. The important thing to Apple fans is that they finally have a voice recognition system that works. Android users have already had that functionality.
    10-28-2011 04:16 AM
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    I don't think it is going to matter that there is an Android alternative to Siri. The important thing to Apple fans is that they finally have a voice recognition system that works. Android users have already had that functionality.
    I have been around android for some time! Android has not had this level of functionality! Android has had talk to text that can search for stuff, get directions, send a text message, or at least dictate a text message, but Siri is so much more! The android version for so long has lacked many things, including accuracy. Now, in defense of Apple fans, they have had Vlingo and other apps available in the app store for sometime, and on phone voice to text has been around for a bit.

    Iris was the biggest waste of breath, which disappoints me! She does nothing more than smart off to you! Or dumb off is maybe a better way to put it! She cannot do anything useful, whereas Siri can literally be a hands free assistant that can plan your day, check your email and more! I can say, "Wake me up in 8 hrs and 43 minutes and she will bring up an alarm and say ok, I will wake you up at blank time, which will be exactly the time you wanted to sleep. I have been playing with her everyday since the iPhone 4S came out and I'm still finding new features! And she is learning my voice and getting better!

    I would expect a better response from Android! I recently bought the iPhone to get a sense of what I have been bashing for so long, and frankly, the phone is the best damn thing I've ever had! Zero problems that weren't my fault for lack of knowledge, and 100% fluidity in the functionality of everything you try to do with it. My Galaxy S 2, the best Android released up to date, can't keep up with this duo core 800 MHz processor on the iPhone 4S! I will say I'm saddened that my testing has now changed my tune and that in my user and semi-pro opinion, that Apple has a better piece of technology.

    Back to you, Bob.
    10-28-2011 09:34 AM
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    Obliviously they just threw this app together. I think it was just for hell of it! GOOD ANDROID FUN FOR THE KIDS.
    10-28-2011 10:30 AM
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    Man that iphone is a small ugly thing sitting next to ET4G.
    10-28-2011 11:50 AM
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    That's pretty funny. Closest app I have found as a Siri alternative is speaktoit assistant. Speaking naturally like Siri and it does almost everything.
    10-28-2011 02:07 PM
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    LOL at people comparing an app cobbled together in 8 hours by three people versus an app that was developed by Apple for months after it was purchased. That's like the iPhone people saying that they used the OG Droid and the iPhone 4S and they know from personal experience that iOS is so much better than Android.

    Most of the voice stuff on Siri is just a gimmick. By the time you've repeated yourself and waited through all the prompts and confirmations, you could have done most functions in a shorter amount of time by hand. Calendar appointments are useful, but then again, not everyone revolves their lives around the calendar app. I barely ever use my calendar, so that's an inconsequential function. Pretty much all other functions can be replicated on Android.
    10-28-2011 02:44 PM
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    Man that iphone is a small ugly thing sitting next to ET4G.
    You're talkin smack to the wrong user my friend! I've spent THOUSANDS on Android phones, and have yet to see one that can run as flawless as that little iPhone! The screen does not make a diff! I thought I needed a football field to play on, but a basketball court is plenty! It fits in your hand better, you can reach anything on the screen with ONE THUMB, without having to move your hand up like as if it were a tablet phone!

    As Android users, the things we complain about/ diss on the iPhone are mundane compared to the inadequacies of Android! You damn near have to be a rocket scientist to operate an Android, whereas Android follows a line of "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" which is true!

    Pro's with Android:

    Openness - customize to your hearts content
    Gmail - best email app on the planet
    Easy to root - wifi tether comes free to those who root
    Large following of homebrew app developers
    Nice multigesture screens
    Choice - Touchwiz, Sense, themes
    Size - football field sized screens

    To name a few

    Con's with Android:

    Fragmentation - Not all apps work on every Android Device. Many of the best apps are incompatible with a device that runs the same version of Android.

    Support - or lack thereof; you only get updates for about 3 weeks to 3 months and then you get absolutely no updates on your phone for the next 2-3 years of your contract! The only upgrade you get is the one you fork out of your pocket for the next model!

    It takes a computer nerd to run an Android - Grandma can't pick up an Android Phone and use it like she can an iPhone, which means I wont be picture texting or video chatting with grandma anytime soon

    Rooting - You have to usually root your device in order to enjoy it! You should not have to do this! You should be able to go to the app store to find custom content - not VOID your warranty! Rooting also takes money out of the pockets of developers and carriers alike, which can in turn hurt the consumer because it limits the amount of people who want to develop here, when they know their apps will be stolen and they will not be paid for their time; hence the strong app market for Apple!

    Apps - or lack thereof! Although the Android Market is growing, 90% of the apps are useless in life and business! Apple's App Store has good strong apps for just about anything you do! And the apps work!

    Multi Touch Screens lack the hardware finesse of an iPhone/iOs Device! This results in a lag when swyping between screens and a noticeably more dull experience. Take a Galaxy Tab 10.1 next to an iPad 2 - The amount of lag is ridiculous compared to the iPad.

    Choice - With choice in different phones comes fragmentation, lack of support, lack of apps working correctly with each phone

    Pro's with iPhone

    ZERO Fragmentation - all apps in the market work with each version

    Updates and Support - Every iPhone ever released still get's updates and support. i.e., the iPhone 3gs and all models forward receive the latest updates to iOS. Support can be found for each iPhone ever made. Unlike the 3 months and then no updates for Android devices.

    Solid Reliability - the hardware and software are made by Apple, which means that each are made in support of the other, which provides for a seemless user experience with minimal to no app crashes!

    it FITS! - Size doesn't necessary make or break a good phone. The iPhone, while smaller than most Android phone, fits so well into the palm of your hand. You can reach any spot on the phone without moving your hand, which is super comfortable. AND it fits in any pocket!

    Developers love it! They dont have to worry about their apps getting pirated, not to the degree of Android apps. In the Android Market, you can download apps that will let you go to pirated apps! This would be forbidden in the Apple Market. When you hurt developers pockets, you hurt the consumer, because the developer has no incentive to make innovative apps. There is a reason why Apple is the most valuable company in the world!

    EASY TO USE! - My granny can pick up and iphone and learn how to use it! It may not have ten thousand settings in the camera app on stock, and yet still takes the best pics on the market! (This, however, is open to debate, as picture quality is contingent upon the eye of the pic clicker!)

    Access to content - more content providers are akin to iOS than Android, which means more worlds of fun and entertainment for iOS users

    iPhone apps work seemlessly on iPad

    When you do anything on the phone or iPad, it just works! Period. It does not give you the hassle that many apps in Android do.

    SIRI!!!!!!!!!!! - Siri is worth it over any other feature for the business man/woman! Siri is so accurate and intelligent and can do a range of things from checking the weather, setting an alarm by calculating hrs and minutes if you have a specific amount of time you want to sleep, check stock info, including 52 week lows, highs and whatever else you can think of, can set reminders based on your location, i.e., as soon as you get home she reminds you to take out the trash or whatever you ask her, and the list goes on, but you should watch my video for more info!

    Battery life - WAYYYYYY better than Android

    I will stop, but there is plenty more to rage about!

    CON'S for iPhone 4S

    Smaller screen (as mentioned above, not that big of a deal breaker, [see Apples Sales figures for proof!])

    Doesn't have gmail app - would be nice though

    Not as customizeable as android; doesn't have widgets (although widgets are more of a power drain than anything else)

    Not opensource like Android, but this does make it good for consumers and developers, because developers don't have to worry about pirating like on Android

    iCloud can be confusing, but definitely a good work in progress!

    Look, I am no mere Apple fanboy! I have written countless articles on numerous forums and sites, and have always been adamantly opposed to Apple-anything, BUT, I have since given it a try, so as to test my bias, and all bias tested, Apple won my heart! It makes me better in business. It makes my social life better. It does what I want without complication. I have access to some of the best support around, and am guaranteed service after the sale! I am not going to be a stranger to Android, but rather will stay somewhat connected. Apple has the best tech right now. END OF LINE
    10-28-2011 02:50 PM
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    lol you seem a little upset.
    I see no need for you to defend your device choice If its for you so be it I could care less but keep in mind , 99.9 % of this forum could tear up your pro apple claims.
    Now why in the heck are you preaching apple in android sub forum? This isn't a war zone we come in peace

    Oh I get it.
    It appears your posting history from 9/18 to present has been interesting , Starting conflict threads is a bad habit of yours.
    How about this , Lets all be friends stay away from such childish activity stupid debate no body wins
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    10-28-2011 03:00 PM
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    This thread has little value after that strange outburst.


    Welcome to my radar efoss.
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    10-28-2011 04:10 PM