1. handsomeprince#AC's Avatar
    I click on Settings ---> Storage ---> and then see an option that says 'Unmount SD card' and underneath that option it reads "Unmount SD card to safely remove it".

    My first question is...do I have to select 'Unmount SD card' before I just want to pop open the E4GT's battery door to take my SD card out while my phone is on? My second question is...if I do just take my SD card out while the phone is on as usual; it won't cause my pics on the SD card to erase or anything will it? Because before stumbling onto the whole 'Unmount SD card' setting...I've popped my SD card in and out while the phone is on w/ no issues as far as my pics still reading off the SD card when I pop it back into the E4GT.
    Thanks for any and all input.
    10-28-2011 02:50 AM
  2. flare576's Avatar
    To answer your first question: You should always unmount media before removing it. While it normally causes no harm, if any background process is in the middle of reading or writing data to it, you will end up with corruption. Think of any time a computer tells you "Please do not shut down or remove _____," that's why it's telling you to do that.

    To answer your second question: You'll know you caused a problem when you try to put the card into another machine and get a message about needing to scan it for errors. I get this message occasionally when I try to insert a thumb drive I've lended out

    Best bet: remove media only when the device is off, or when you've properly unmounted/ejected it.
    10-28-2011 12:06 PM
  3. xxlovewolfsxx's Avatar
    I didn't know I had to unmount my SD card before removing it but when i popped it out to put it in another phone it was fine nothing happened. Suddenly the other phone turns off or will not want to turn on when I insert the SD card. Why is that? It works fine without the SD card in it but as soon a I put it in it turns off and when I go to turn it on it goes to the black screen where it says LG and it stays there and then it wont let me turn off the phone without having to take the battery out. Please someone help
    08-06-2012 08:59 AM