1. jkrezdorn's Avatar
    Has anyone had an issue with caller Id being wrong. I forward my office calls to my cell. I put telemarketers in a group. I also hve customers in a group. On two occasions caller id said it was from telemarketer group. I decided I would waste some time and play with them. Only to find out it was actually a customer. Today I picked up expecting to be speaking to a customer named Ron only to find out it was someone else. His name and # came up. I asked her what number she was calling from? Nothing even close to ron's. HMMM
    11-03-2011 06:48 PM
  2. jkrezdorn's Avatar
    This is happening now as I read the forum. Anyone else with this issue???
    11-04-2011 01:45 PM
  3. faizalstar's Avatar
    i have 2 contacts with different numbers but when i call one of them, the other contact name shows up but the correct number! almost what you see but only when i make calls. annoying indeed.
    11-07-2011 05:46 PM
  4. jkrezdorn's Avatar
    Very annoying, as I am expecting to be talking with one customer only to find it is not them. I ordered a referb yesterday as I have a bunch of small issues. Can't 3g roam, caller id issue, ringer acts funny, reception bad, and a fer other issues I can't remember. Love the phone. I hope it fixes the issues. Otherwise I love my phone
    11-08-2011 08:15 AM
  5. Kozmo's Avatar
    I've had the problem once, but I had the same problem with the same number/contact on my HTC Hero about a month before replacing it with the GSII. I'm guessing it may be a Google Voice issue and not specifically a GSII issue.
    11-08-2011 09:35 AM
  6. jkrezdorn's Avatar
    This happened when I first got the phone. I deleted the contact and reentered only to have the issue with another contact. I am going to try to delete the contact and renter to test it. It just happened again today and several times last week. I want to see if I can find a common issue with the contacts that are doing this.
    11-16-2011 01:08 PM
  7. mrcminnesota's Avatar
    jkrezdorn - I would actually delete all contacts on the phone and resync with gmail (if they are all backed up that way).
    As far as not able to roam 3g, I also have that issue and reported it. My cell reception isn't bad so I don't have that problem. I also like this phone but I don't think you are going to do any better with another one - I had "replaced" mine 2 other times for other issues but "none" would roam 3g (I can roam with voice just not data). I know I have the roam set up correctly as I roamed "once" with data (also had the roaming usage on my bill).
    Good luck
    11-16-2011 01:28 PM
  8. jkrezdorn's Avatar
    Well I deleted all contacts. Resynced. Yesterday a customer called and Ron's Name came up. the customer was in my office, I deleted his contact, asked them to call me again and just his Phone # came up. What is going on?????
    11-18-2011 07:47 AM
  9. mrcminnesota's Avatar
    jkrezdorn - do you use Google Voice? I noticed Kozmo mentioned it. I noticed in a search of the web that similar issues were reported with google, etc a couple of years ago. I don't use Google Voice and I do not have this issue nor have I ever with my Hero prior to the Epic 4G Touch
    11-19-2011 02:04 PM
  10. Gator352's Avatar
    Google voice has given me issues too. It was OK at first then got real wonky on my evo's. It never worked right on my moPho and I won't even dare to put it on my E4GT. I personally think ever since Sprint added it as a feature, it went down hill.
    11-19-2011 09:30 PM
  11. jkrezdorn's Avatar
    I do not use Google voice. This issue continues after factory reset and deleted contacts. My referb is in. I hope that will solve this issue along with the few other bugs. I am going to try to pick it up tomorrow. Thanks all
    11-20-2011 12:13 PM