1. mercyme78's Avatar
    So my epic 4g touch's button randomly goes off (like its pressed) even when I don't touch the screen. and sometimes it lights up all four buttons without touching the screen and doesn't respond.

    went to get an exchange at sprint store and they tell me i have to pay 35 dollars to get it replaced because i don't have sprint's warranty otherwise i can send it into samsung myself.

    has anyone ever heard of this before? i find this to be the stupidest thing ever. att never made me pay to get my phone replaced when its under manufacture warranty. all sprint is doing is giving you another phone and sending your phone in to get it refurbished and giving it to someone else. to save a week of time they charge you 35 bucks.. come on now...

    for this. i want to leave sprint. raar
    11-03-2011 10:36 PM
  2. expertzero1's Avatar
    is your phone being charged?
    11-04-2011 02:16 AM
  3. taylormah's Avatar
    This happened to my epic. I had to get it replaced. But I bought from wirefly. Also, this didn't happen all the time, only at some random time, so I would suggest making a video of it as proof of what you are saying.
    11-04-2011 04:13 AM