1. slave's Avatar
    After lots of heavy google-fu, I am here begging for help.

    I have a few issues.

    1. After lots fo work, I got music to play through car speakers.

    2. When I get a phone call, the call plays through the phones speaker, not the car's speakers

    3. After I disconnect car dock, turn app off, the bloody voice command stays on, and when my phone is silent, the stupid voice announces each and every text I get.

    4. Can't change the play lists on the music player from the car dock app.

    5. Can't restart car dock after exiting it, with out sliding the plug off, and then back on quickly.

    6. Spent too much money to set this damn thing on fire.

    so, any fixes for 2-5?

    I could just plug the aux cable into headphone jack, but that defeats the purpose of the dock.

    I could just manually shut down all apps, and reset phone 2-3 times everytime I unplug from car dock.

    I could just listen to the the same playlist.
    11-10-2011 10:36 AM