01-22-2012 02:10 AM
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  1. rlanza1054's Avatar
    There are so many keyboards for Android.

    Swifkey X
    Thumb Keyboard (even has macros) try some of the keyboard layouts to see some interesting ways to input.

    I've tried and have:

    A.I. Keyboard
    Go keyboard

    And plenty more.

    Try the free or demo versions, then if you find something you like, invest in the full or pro version.

    The are plenty of half off sales.

    I primarily use Swype, however I'm using the beta version, (you have too root to install that version). Which has some great improvements such as cursor keys.

    It only took about a day to learn how to Swype real good. Just make sure you disable the other languages, otherwise you can accidentally switch languages when you didn't mean to. The beta addresses that issue. Done of the keys got moved around. It's not really design for touch typing, you really need to just Swype.


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    01-20-2012 10:49 PM
  2. acadialover's Avatar
    Good to know. I am trading in my Iphone 4s that I have had for two weeks and getting a Galaxy. hate the stock keyboard though. Loved the Iphone 4s and probably the only thing I will miss. I am coming from a BB so keyboard accuracy is so important.
    I did the same thing today. I too really liked the 4s keyboard, but man, am I ever enjoying this Epic !!!!
    01-21-2012 02:12 AM
  3. freddyc's Avatar
    I'm going to throw AI Keyboard in the list. I have 7 different keyboards installed on my phone, but AI Keyboard is the one I keep going back to. And it has an iPhone theme.
    01-21-2012 09:18 AM
  4. milominderbinde's Avatar
    I know another post seeking an iPhone-like keyboard.
    Try the SwiftKey 30 trial. Use the White theme. It is far beyond the iPhone keyboard.
    01-21-2012 01:54 PM
  5. techsamaritan's Avatar
    +1 on A1 keyboard! Love it! Looks great! Turned my Epic Touch to an iPhone, at least as much I could with apps and no rooting! This phone is AMAZING! !!

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    01-22-2012 02:10 AM
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