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    They came out with a new version that now supports Adreno and PowerVR GPU's, but no word of the ARM made Mali 400 that's under the hood of our phone. Some people with the T-Mobile version say it runs great on their Galaxy S2, but they have a Snapdragon with a Adreno GPU.

    Just wondering if this game runs on our phone before I pluck down the 5 bucks they want for it.

    By the way, they also have Sprinkle now for every Android phone out there. Its another game that I cried about only having Tegra 2 support.

    They really need to stop it with the exclusives, it's just silly. Unfortunately, Qualcomm is doing the same thing that Tegra is doing.....can we say "more fragmentation"?
    11-17-2011 07:27 PM
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    I've had it since it came out. No problems on my phone.

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    11-17-2011 07:42 PM
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    PS....updated and played for awhile with no problems. One of my favorite games and certainly the best graphics out there. Looks fantastic on our phone.

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    11-17-2011 08:39 PM
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    Sweet. Thanks!
    11-18-2011 03:16 AM
  5. MannyZ28's Avatar
    Bought it and it downloaded and installed flawlessly. Runs great!
    11-19-2011 10:05 AM