1. NismoZ's Avatar
    So, I noticed that with GPS turned on, the target symbol in the task bar doesn't display unless there is something activly using GPS. Does that mean battery is notbeing used, if no program is using GPS at that time?

    Should I leave my GPS turned off to save battery, or will the phone not use GPS if it's enabled and no programs are activly using it?
    11-23-2011 09:57 AM
  2. oversteer325's Avatar
    You should leave it on. Turning it off makes no difference in battery life. All turning it off does is make a box pop up to turn it on when something wants to use it instead of just working without a pop-up.
    11-23-2011 10:01 AM
  3. NismoZ's Avatar
    Interesting, I always thought leaving GPS on, when not using it, would result in battery life being shorter. For instance, right now I am inside my office building adn I can see teh GPS light flashing, trying to acquire a signal, even though it can't get one. This should be using battery, right?
    11-23-2011 10:20 AM
  4. oversteer325's Avatar
    If the gps target symbol is on then yes it is using battery. It should only come on though when you are in an app that uses gps. If it is on when the phone is idle then you might have an app causing a problem.
    11-23-2011 11:20 PM
  5. bobvanjr's Avatar
    I wonder if leaving it on would help with the issue I have with it not being able to aquire a GPS signal when turning it on. I am super disappointed that half the time I try to use GPS it can't (or won't) get a signal.
    11-24-2011 04:25 AM
  6. rickspencer's Avatar
    If you download "GPS Test" from market and go to settings then tap "clear AGPS" it will usually help the GPS to get a lock. Its not a 100% but works most of the time. Hopefully this problem with GPS inconsistency will be addressed by Samsung soon.
    11-25-2011 06:08 AM
  7. mrcminnesota's Avatar
    bobvanjr - I think GPS Test and "clear AGPS" (I believe it clears cache?) does help the GPS as well as making sure in Location and Security to check "Use GPS satellites" and do not check "use sensor aiding".
    11-25-2011 11:06 AM