1. ajbrickyard's Avatar
    My phone random reboots alot, like 4-5 times a week and then twice last week I woke up in the morning and my phone was off the last time I had to pull the battery for it to come back on

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    11-29-2011 09:32 AM
  2. mrcminnesota's Avatar
    Not had that problem and have had mine since September 19th. Have you done a factory reset [just make sure you have your contacts, pictures (to external SD card not the internal SD card), etc backed up]? Otherwise take it to a Sprint Tech to check your phone.
    11-29-2011 12:36 PM
  3. JayWill's Avatar
    I haven't heard about this happening very much, and I haven't experienced it since release day. Obviously it's not normal. As suggested above, try a factory reset and if that doesn't work take it in for service.
    11-29-2011 12:41 PM
  4. Drummerboy1975's Avatar
    Your all alone sir.
    11-29-2011 12:49 PM
  5. kd0axs's Avatar
    I had one random reboot the day after I got mine. Hasn't happened again since.

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    11-29-2011 12:53 PM
  6. ajbrickyard's Avatar
    Thanks for the input folks. As soon as get some free time I'm gonna take it to a sprint store. Had my since 9/20 and this is the time I've had any problems.

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    11-29-2011 03:06 PM
  7. dm3ready's Avatar
    No similar issues with my E4gT...although it is reminiscent of my old Blackberry 8310
    11-29-2011 04:35 PM
  8. RedhddOne's Avatar
    I have had a few random restarts, but not as many as you have mentioned. There isn't any consistency to them either, so I have just ignored them.

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    11-29-2011 06:49 PM
  9. chuckz28's Avatar
    I have had two or 3 with mine since launch day. Last night it happened while browsing, after the reboot none of my icons showed up on screen. I did a battery pull and when it finished booting my battery level went from 50% to 8% instantly so I plugged into the charger and did a factory reset. Seems to be hood as new now. As to what caused my incident I don't know but a few days prior my battery life was taking a turn for the worse so I am thinking it was a misbehaving app. I only have a few apps installed now so hopefully I can pinpoint where my issue was if it does happen again. Battery life is back to impeccable btw.
    11-29-2011 06:55 PM
  10. Tripsyk's Avatar
    I haven't experienced this yet. Best of luck to you.
    11-29-2011 10:14 PM
  11. D.Jones1's Avatar
    you are not the only one this has happened to my phone. Only difference is it would come back on. and it has been just as often as yours ive only had my phone for 4 days when it started to happen. i took it back to best buy mobile and they factory reset it. so now i am in the process of seeing if it continues to happen if so then they will replace it. but so far so good.
    02-18-2012 12:49 PM
  12. robber's Avatar
    found mine off 3 times last night. Had to do a battery pull
    02-18-2012 04:24 PM