1. NismoZ's Avatar
    So we can enable this new national emergency client on sprint by dialing ##CMAS# or ##2627#, and choosing to enable the CMAS client".

    Does this create any running services on the phone, or is it just text based alerts from Sprint? Do you guys think it's a good thing to sign up for? Meaning, it doesn't install bloatware on the phone or is safe to use?
    12-09-2011 07:36 AM
  2. Taz420NJ's Avatar
    It's already on the phone, all you are doing is enabling it. No, it's not going to use any resources. It is similar to text/sms, but it's not 'directed' to individual users as a text would be, it is simply blasted out from the towers to every connected device . This is because your 'home' address is not always where you will be, and your phone may not have a GPS fix to work with.

    The emergency message is broadcast every 5 minutes by all towers within the affected area, and any CMAS-enabled phone within their range will pick up the message, even if it was not within range of an activated tower when the message was first broadcast. Don't worry, your phone won't alert every 5 minutes. Once it receives a message, it ignores repeat messages unless they have changed/updated.

    I activated mine, because it couldn't hurt to have warning of impending doom.
    12-09-2011 02:29 PM