06-24-2012 02:04 PM
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    I am someone that has had Sprint (multiple times), At&t, Verizon (multiple times), and have come to this conclusion. In my area especially I have noticed little difference in coverage. My verizon phone that I had up until about 5 months ago, got 1 or 2 bars at my home, my sprint phone got roaming to 2 bars in my home. Want to know the difference? I now have 5 bars in my home, because Sprint sent me a booster. I tried getting the same from Verizon, and they would do nothing for me. So I was being charged more for crappy service. Now, I will admit when I sometimes ventured to other parts of the country that were out of the norm, My Verizon phone got service where people that were with me on other carriers got little to zero service. This to me will be fixed in the future. If you are going to want the newest greatest phone everytime a new one comes out, you are going to be carrier jumping constantly. Your phone is basically out of date before it is even released. Remember most of these phones where already released over seas.

    I worked as a cell phone salesman for over a year. It was nearly the death of me (not literally). I would watch as all the newest phones with the coolest toys came in, always wanting the newest. I worked in a store with multiple carriers as well (Sprint, At&t, Verizon). What you need to do is use the 30 day test period, figure out which carrier works best in the areas you are most and stick with that carrier. New phones come out monthly it seems, so it's better to find the carrier that works best for you, and stick with that carrier. The cell phone wars are crazy intense now days. I love it personally, but as a tech geek, it can be hard to stick to something lol. I am on Sprint, love my E4GT, and am sticking with it for the 2 years (Hopefully =P). My mistake is usually getting a nice phone when the price goes down. I got the EVO 4g when it was cheap (free actually at Radio Shack), but found out a week later it was EoL! So I sucked it up and got the Galaxy S2 Touch because I new it was just out and would see updates for a while anyway. I should have researched more before I make the decision to get the EVO first. Hope some of this makes sense.
    12-17-2011 09:44 AM
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    I had the nexus on the Verizon network and I also have the an eg4t on sprint, as well as a gal tab 10.1lte Verizon, and I can stay even though the veriZon netwk is faster, the speed of WiMAX vs lte isn't worth what you will end up paying in overages. It is truly rediculous to charge that much to be able to use a faster network. Here is another surprise for long time vz users... As of July 8th regardless if u have unlmtd data in order to keep it u will have to pay full price for the phone like $759 for a 16gig iPhone 4s "3G" if u don't want to pay full price you will be capped on data. I work for a vz retailer and one of my best friends is corp for them. Obviously vz is not as loyal as their customers ha!
    As far as the nexus goes google doesn't support the CDMA version only the unlocked gsm version, the battery life on my eg4t is 2x longer and doesn't have near as many bugs, I was stoked about the new nexus but even under clocking the batt was still horrible, also the sprint version of the nexus is a16gig where vz is a 32gig. I use apple everything @ home and have full compatability with my eg4t and it syncs with almost everything the nexus won't even sync with FB and even though the processor is a 1.5 ghz it still isn't as good as the eg4t nowhere close. If u want ics just flash the 4.0.4 stock ics rom that was leaked or wait it out and get a quad core phone. Thx hope that's not too much info but I hope it helps.
    06-24-2012 10:01 AM
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    I'd keep my E4GT over the Verizon Nexus any day. Camera means a lot to me, plus I think the E4GT is a little faster. And my 3G gets about 2Mbps...yes, 2. Not 0.2...no...solid 2. Sprint is working on their network.

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    I had the galaxy nexus for 2 days before I ditched it for the ET4G. I have never looked back sense.

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    06-24-2012 02:04 PM
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