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    I've had GPS problems with this phone in the US, but they are usually quickly resolved by downloading AGPS data.

    I pre-cached maps for cities I was visiting in Europe where I would obviously no have service. I had no GPS signal anywhere. I used GPS Status and GPS Test and it could not find 1 satellite. Obviously, this was very disappointing.

    I tried:

    1) turning phone off and on (a million times)
    2) connecting to a wifi network and downloading AGPS data (million times)
    3) pulling battery and rebooting
    4) playing with turning gps sensor assist on and off
    5) making sure I was in an open area
    6) leaving it on for a period of time to allow it to find satellites in GPS test.

    I never got 1 visible satellite. Sometimes it was able to find my location IF I was connected to an open Wifi network (never by just passing closed networks).

    Any idea why this would happen? I thought the GPS chip was toast. When I got back home though I had 9 satellites in view. Why would the network be needed to get a GPS satellite?
    12-20-2011 09:21 AM