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    So sad. Just bought this phone. I tried to upgrade to ICS via but used the Galaxy S firmware (gti9000) by mistake...turns out ICS isn't out yet for my phone, the SPHD710. While flashing I managed to upload the "modem" file but when it was writing the file (it says "wait 2 minutes for write") odin froze.

    ANdddd now..

    Here's the situation. The phone will boot into the gti9000 firmware (i.e I get to home screen--so I think i'm semi-bricked), but wifi won't work and the phone crashes a lot. Basically like a "safe-mode". Here are the conditions I'm dealing with

    1) Windows 7 will not recognize phone when plugged in. It charges but does not show up in device manger

    2) Odin does not recognize the phone at all. It was recongized for a split second on my laptop when I was installing/reinstalling drivers. Can't replicate this.

    So basically I'm stuck. I tried going into recovery mode and applying update from SDcard (to revert to stock) but i the SD card won't mount

    Anybody help??? PLEASE. I don't want a $500 paperweight. I just got this as an xmas gift from my gf. Ill be a tree ornament if she sees the phone isn't working when she returns on the 27th :S

    I can give as many details as you like.

    Thanks so much!

    12-20-2011 02:48 PM
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    Sorry to say this, but you're probably boned. The only one real way to brick this phone is to flash something not meant for it (well having an interruption while flashing a bootloader will do it too). I read about some other people flashing the leaked ICS build for the INTERNATIONAL version of the Galaxy S2 and having the same exact issue. They tried everything and simply couldn't get their PC to recognize the device, and with no wireless connectivity couldn't download any files to re-flash.

    So you have two options ...

    If you have TEP insurance, take it to a Sprint repair store and play stupid


    Fork up $50 and send it in for JTAG service. Very likely that they'll be able to unbrick your phone, but you're going to have to be without a phone for a bit which may be hard hiding from your GF. Anyhoo ...

    Samsung Epic 4G Touch JTAG Brick Repair - MobileTechVideos.COM

    EDIT - Also, if you're still within your 14 day return period, you may be able to simply get it swapped out.

    Good luck!
    12-20-2011 03:32 PM
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    12-22-2011 10:59 AM
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    I tried to upgrade to ICS with the I9100 xxlp6 with odin, toward the end of the flash odin failed. Now the only thing I can get out of the phone is download mode, and a screen that says firmware ugrade encountered an issue, Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again. Now the problem with this is now odin nor Kies will recognize my phone like there are no drivers, or it isn't plugged in even though it is.
    01-26-2012 09:50 PM