1. mrejimofor's Avatar
    Is there a way to increase the size of the compressed picture before sending a message? My 8mp picture is reduced to a 17-19kb version of itself and his is bugging me. Especially since my wife has an EVO 3D and her pictures are not compressed down to that small of a size. With hers they stay in the 100+ kb size. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere?
    12-22-2011 03:31 AM
  2. Fraser Carter's Avatar
    I've noticed this on my nexus my MMS are being compressed to 52kb where as my gfs images sent from her iPhone are a glorious 350kb ....

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    12-23-2012 11:45 PM
  3. JayWill's Avatar
    MMS compression happens at the App level. The compression on the stock Messaging app was set very high, probably at the request of Sprint to reduce data consumption and Samsung was happy to oblige. In order to reduce the compression, you need to be rooted and push a modified messaging.apk file over to your phone that has had the compression reduced. Otherwise, you could try a 3rd party messaging App like GoSMS or Handcent, which has less compression if I recall and may even have settings options to change the compression (I haven't used either App in ages).
    12-26-2012 11:57 AM
  4. DubSanchez's Avatar
    I use Handcent.

    It definitely allows you to change the MMS file size limit.

    I have it set to less than a 1mb.
    12-26-2012 12:36 PM
  5. Ziraismail's Avatar
    Thank you . I'm doing good with handcent as suggested . Wahh ~! Relief !
    12-31-2012 09:11 PM
  6. momimage's Avatar
    you can also try image app to adjust the image compression size for you. hope it works for you
    05-07-2013 09:08 PM