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    OK, hi again people. So I finally took the plunge this weekend, and rooted my phone and installed CWM and ROM Toolbox . I've never done this to any of my phones, so I'm anxious/excited/apprehensive/nervous/thrilled about the future I can have now with this phone. But I have one thing specifically that is bugging me already.

    One of the reasons I really wanted to root was so I can change the stock battery icon to something different (horizontal, percentage, color schemes, etc). I figured out how to do this using the ROM Toolbox app from the market, but noticed something right away. The ROM Toolbox battery icon in the notification bar and the battery icon widget that I still have up through SiMi Clock are different figures (see the pic I attached). How can this be? Which one is more accurate? I'm guessing the noti bar is more accurate, but that's complete assumption.

    Also, what the heck is the deal with majority of ROM Toolbox battery icons being at 20% increments?!?!?! That seems ridiculous. So when my battery goes below 20%, I have no idea how much juice I have left until it totally dies out? This seems like something that would bug root users, not be something they would actually want. What are some thoughts on this. TIA!
    01-07-2012 10:43 PM
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    Is that battery icon a 1% increment icon? If so, it could be a calibration thing. Charge to full and I bet they sync up. Regarding the prevalence of 20% icons, you'd be surprised how many people don't care for 1% increments, or even have any percentage listed at all.

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    01-08-2012 01:07 PM
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    I did a full charge last night, and they are still offset from one another. The icon in the noti bar is a 1%, just like that in the SiMi widget. I'd prefer to get rid of the SiMi batt icon so that I can still see my batt % when I have texts open or web pages or email or what have you. But if the noti icon is wrong, it doesn't do much good to rely on it.

    Would clearing the battery stats in CWM help?
    01-08-2012 02:21 PM
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    Would clearing the battery stats in CWM help?
    It might. It can't hurt to try.
    01-08-2012 09:48 PM