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    I recently rooted my ET4G primarily to get free wifi tethering. That was a bust as none of the apps I have tried have allowed it to work. I am running stock.

    I had an EVO that went to the wife. Because I have a few upgrades to use (I have even considered just paying full price to save an upgrade) I have decided to get another ET4G for the wife and replace my daughters Pre with the EVO. I think I will get it in white and I don't think the wife will like it. If she doesn't I will keep it for me and she can have my black one.

    what I'm wondering is if I will need to un-root mine to swap it to her line if we end up going that direction.

    I know the Nexus is coming but I'm honestly not too thrilled with it. I'll have to wait and see one in person. If only it had an SD card!!! What I really want is a Galaxy Note. Please Sprint! I beg you! As it stands now I have two upgrades and one coming up in Feb so if I burn one now for the ET4G I still have 2 more to last me a while just in case something sweet comes along.

    Do you think I should buy it off contract at full retail and save all 3 upgrades? After activation it's only $250 more and if you spread that out over 2 years it isn't that big of deal.

    Anyways, what to do about root?
    01-15-2012 01:26 AM
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    No you won't have to unroot. Once the swap is complete, do a factory reset, and the go

    menu >> settings >> about phone >> system updates >> update profile. This should get the phone to grab your wife's number

    If the phone refuses to grab the new number (rare but I have seen it) you will need the MSL and to get into the ##menu to wipe the programming info and start from scratch. Again, no unroot needed here either. PM me if you get to the point of needing the MSL and/or help with the ##menus
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    01-16-2012 10:23 PM
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    I think I will just swap them and see what happens. I just bought a new one at full retail and I want to activate it on my line. I was going to swap her evo with my "old" SII. Then I'm going to replace my daughters pre with the evo. I just want it to go smooth.

    Get this, the wife is unhappy and doesn't want to switch. She just went to my evo when I got the SII in September. It's too much switching, blah, blah. Who in the world wouldn't want am SII?

    The main reason I did it is for battery life. I easily make it through a day with the SII and the evo barely made it to lunch. Also, we may someday get ICS.

    The daughters pre is horrible and I figure if we're paying through the nose we may as well have phones that can make the most of it.

    Anyways, my wife is really mad that I bought it and it's very frustrating.

    Maybe I'll just switch her back to a pre and get her thinking clearly again.

    I'm still unsure about whether to unroot or not. I don't have any apps dependent on root so no biggie there.

    Btw, I went in to get the white one but was unimpressed. It looked cheap with the silver accents. I wish they had gone ALL white or something.

    Thanks for the help. I will pm you if necessary.
    01-16-2012 10:51 PM