1. debitsohn's Avatar
    Hi, i purchased my E4GT on ebay a month or so back. i was kinda iffy on the seller but when i got the phone everything looks perfect. so i didnt think anything of it. yes it was stupid of me, i should have wiped the phone. but yesterday out of no where i have two unauthorized charges for cellunlocking services. one for the HTC incredible (which ive never owned) and one for a samsung galaxy sII. could the seller of the phone i bought installed some hacking program to gain access to my paypal? i have logged into paypal from my phone. if so, will a factory wipe get rid of it or do i have to root it?

    if not, what else could it be? coincidence? i installed some games that are widely played in the last couple weeks. other than that, i havent opened any weird emails or anything like that. i rarely if ever get any type of virus on my computers. help. im scared.
    01-17-2012 10:40 PM
  2. Nextelian's Avatar
    When in doubt, Odin the original ROM back onto the phone. Unless there is some seriously low-level code written right onto the chipset nothing will survive an Odin wipe. Be sure to wipe the internal storage as well, more than once!

    I was hoping to be able to send you a link to instructions, but apparently XDA has decided to join Wikipedia in their protest of whatever it is that got under their bonnet.
    01-18-2012 07:39 AM