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    I just recently had gotten the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G touch..I've had it for about 3 weeks now. When I had went to get the phone, they knew I was switching over to Sprint from another service. It was about 2 hours before they were gonna close for the night. I asked to get this phone and they said it was currently on back order. I said "oh well i'm leaving in 2 days" I was home visiting for the holidays. They said oh! well we can get it for you by Open Tomorrow! I agreed as long as it wasn't a refurbished phone. They said nope, it'll be brand new in the box. Sure enough they had it the next morning by 10AM. I made sure to ask how long on average it takes to charge a completely drained battery, he specifically said "45-1hr". I've had so many issues with batteries in the past with phones so I had to ask. Well I have tried both charging the completely drained battery, & when it was about 25% full. When it's completely drained it would take about 2 1/2 hours to charge. Today I had plugged it in at 20% at 6:00PM, it is now 10:00PM and it's still NOT done! It's been at 99% for the past hour and has not reached a full charge. Before the last hour it was 92%. This is just crazy. Well over 4 hours, and it's still not done? Is there a chance they lied and it's refurbished even though I just signed on with Sprint onto a contract..which technically isn't legal..right? Please any opinions if you have the same phone would be wonderful. It just seems outrageously long, especially when it wasn't completely drained this time. This morning I unplugged my phone after it fully charged at 10:00 AM, by 1130 it was down to 60% and I didn't touch it all morning! I haven't really touched it since it's been on the charger either. I am not a very hardcore phone user. I don't have live wallpapers on it and the skin I have is dark. So no bright colors. I do not leave apps running when I'm not using them and I always keep the brightness of the screen on the lowest setting.. I've talked on my phone twice today. Only about an hour in total between the two calls..and it was already dead. WHAT GIVES?! I'm frustrated!!
    01-23-2012 09:17 PM
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    It should take about 6 hours to fully recharge the battery. As for battery drain on idle, that should be 1% to 2% per hour. I suggest you do a full reset (wipe the phone) if it drains a lot more than that. Also the phone won't stay on 100%, it'll drop down to 99% as soon as you unplug.

    You may also want to install one program at a time to see which program is draining your phone.
    01-24-2012 12:48 AM
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    Wondering if the Facebook for Android app is on your phone. I have had lots of trouble with that app sucking battery life something awful. Unless you kill it with Task Manager it will stay on and suck energy all day. Always watch out for programs running in the background. Facebook is one of the worst for battery use.

    The hard reset idea sounds like a good idea too.

    Good luck.
    01-24-2012 08:09 AM
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    To check whether your phone is refurbished or not, go to your dialer and type in ##786#. A little menu will pop up, click on View. Scroll down and you can see the Refurbish status which should be NO and have a bunch of zeros for the date.

    Does your phone ever give you a message that it's fully charged? When mine is full, the screen comes on and there is a little notification icon telling me that the phone is fully charged and to unplug the charger. I am greeted by this thing every morning.
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    01-24-2012 09:51 AM
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    Some info from one of the Google Engineers

    01-24-2012 11:42 AM
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    Thanks i'll have to check if it's refurbished. No it never alerts me. My old samsung did and I loved it. Is there a way to turn that on and off?? How long does your phone usually take MannyZ28? Thanks for all the replies guys.
    01-24-2012 11:44 AM
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    Welcome to the 'hood latwne.

    A full wipe might be premature at this point. I'd suggest a battery pull though. Amazing how often that helps.

    Doesn't sound like it, but have you rooted your GS2?

    Add the 'Program Monitor' widget to see if any apps you've closed remain running. Some apps can be battery hogs unnecessarily.

    I think JuiceDefender (app in the Market) is helpful. You might give it a try.
    01-24-2012 12:57 PM
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    Try updating your profile. This has helped me periodically with different problems.
    01-24-2012 01:38 PM
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    I have not rooted it. I have pulled the battery and didn't make a difference. How do I update my profile warrantyman?
    01-24-2012 01:44 PM
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    Setting> about phone> system update > update profile & update PRL

    Hope that helps.

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    01-24-2012 07:54 PM
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    I have never really timed it, but never longer than 3 or 4 hours.
    01-26-2012 11:42 AM
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    The phone definitely doesn't charge in 45-60 mins to full from empty. I just checked battery monitor widget and that it takes my phone nearly 4hrs to fully charge (1800mAh battery).
    01-27-2012 07:01 AM