1. stephanie85's Avatar
    Was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few questions ... So I installed Go Launcher EX ( with ICS Theme ) and when I open the app Android System Info I have noticed that I have two processes at the top that read " processacore " with the CPU percentage pegged at 100 % it is listed twice righ on top of each other and they both read 100 % .... When I switch back to the stock TW Launcher those same processacore read 0 % ... Im not sure if thgat means my Go Launcher is using up all my CPU or something else, battery to me has been the same with Go Launcher maybe a tiny worse, but nothing too much different. I hope someone can explain to me what all that means and most importantly am I putting any stress on the phones CPU for those two processes to always be pegged at 100 percent? I tried searching but it didnt really give me any threads that were very similar. Oh and I have noticed my Android OS percentage creep up by atleast 10 percent since Go Launcher EX ...anything to worry about? Thanks if anyone can shed some light!
    01-29-2012 11:34 PM
  2. JayWill's Avatar
    I would'nt worry about it. It might be a bug with how the Android System Info App reports the load of android.process.acore with the way Go Launcher uses it. Your "Total CPU Load" % should still be under 30%. I've run Go Launcher on this phone for months and get fantastic battery life.
    01-30-2012 11:25 AM
  3. stephanie85's Avatar
    Well as I mentioned my battery seems the same if it was worse I haven't noticed it I have always been happy with battery life with how I use my device I'm able to get a day and a half of use with either launcher
    01-30-2012 02:49 PM