09-03-2015 08:16 PM
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  1. jfenton's Avatar
    Never once have I gotten this phone wet. Always either in my belt case, pocket or on my car seat / desk / nightstand.

    Started having some charging issues, took it to Sprint corporate repair store and service center and they immediately said the charging port was corroded and burnt.

    They took it in, cleaned it and it then charged and acted normal for about an hour. Phone thinks it's plugged into USB with no cord attached, shows 100% charge indication and now dumps a full battery in about 2 hours without even using it.

    Took it back and guess what.....they marked it non repairable due to "WATER DAMAGE". even though they admitted that there is no sign of water inside the phone....which is about right because it never got wet!

    So, no replacement, I have to go through the insurance and this sure feels like a scam since they told me they see this all of time and mark phones as "water damaged beyond repair" every time.

    They then proceeded to tell me that maybe my pockets are really sweaty.

    Maybe this 55 year old guy needs to periodically dry his testicles with a hair dryer though out the day???

    I am honestly pissed.

    BTW...the end of my official SPRINT car charger is burnt as well.
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    01-30-2012 05:22 AM
  2. Greebe's Avatar
    No water is necessary to do this damage. Simply put the morons are not certified electronics techs, nor do they have the engineering knowledge necessary to make an educated evaluation. The reason it failed is due to a **** poor electrical connection @ the port. A loose or worn port making it a tad wibbly can increase contact resistance may lead to thermal heating @ the contact point, e.g. the port/charging connector causing melt down. If the charging port had been replaced and the charger replaced this WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. If the contacts were inspected and found to be true (within manufactures physical specs) with only heating of the contacts, then PROPERLY burnishing them can also eliminate this issue 90% of the time. If they knew anything this would have been most likely nipped in the bud the first time the inspected it. BTW Dirt in your pockets can also cause this.

    It's posts like yours that make me wish I lived around everyone whom has techs claim such, I love eating them for breakfast
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    01-30-2012 09:54 AM
  3. vz3j84's Avatar
    Yesterday I started having kind of the same issue. Phone thinks is connected via usb. Charge light is on. Mtp connected appear in notification bar. Sometimes phone goes into driving mode.
    02-21-2012 09:33 AM
  4. pokerjv's Avatar
    I'm having the same thing happening to me and they won't replace it because they are saying it's water damage. What recourse do I have?
    03-02-2012 12:18 PM
  5. DrChumley's Avatar
    I just had the exact same issue happen this last weekend. The phone was five months old, never got wet, didn't show any signs of water inside the phone. The representative said that, "water damage is the only way that this kind of corrosion could happen."

    I had to buy a phone as well, but I will be writing a letter to Sprint (not that I expect it to do any good.)
    03-08-2012 06:21 PM
  6. Minka7's Avatar
    I had the same issues as well. I was on the phone with Sprint, the service protection plan provider, and Samsung.
    I had the phone only for 8months.
    I had to pay the $100.00 insurance deductible for something NOT due to operator missuse, to get a replacement phone. If there's any recourse, those 3 avenues provided none. One Sprint representative proceeded to attribute the damage on the area I live in (S.Calif) where the humidity is high....
    I'll be writing a letter to Sprint as well, although I have to agree, it probably wont do much of anything at this point
    05-12-2012 05:00 PM
  7. luvsmobile's Avatar
    All the carriers consider corrosion of any kind physical damage. As Greebe said it can be caused by various reasons but the "blanket" policy for them is damaged.. Its sucks but do not see this changing anytime soon.. Very unfortunate
    05-14-2012 11:14 AM
  8. sparkeater79's Avatar
    As far as the humidity theory goes, that is Bologna. When I shower I use my phone along with my volcano speaker to listen to music. My bathroom is just the stand up shower and the toilet, not very big, so it gets really steamy in there. I have yet to have any corrosion on my handset. I call bull**it on that theory.
    05-19-2012 08:45 PM
  9. mtspace's Avatar
    Exact same scenario here.
    Has anyone tried filing a claim directly with Samsung? I think this will be my next move, but I need to find a backup phone first. (As I assume they will want it shipped to them)
    06-16-2012 08:20 PM
  10. vz3j84's Avatar
    I was able to fix this easily and did not see it in the last 4 mo. Take batt out and spray electronic cleaner into the usb port. Let it dry then use compressed air to blow into usb port. This procedure fixed mine.

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    06-27-2012 06:47 AM
  11. bassamme's Avatar
    I started having the "Charging paused. voltage too high" issue in mid July right after the ICS update. I went to the Sprint store and of course they told me there is corrosion in the port. I asked how can that be, he said moisture causes it. I called Samsung and told them the issue. The phone works great with the exception for the charging issue. They sent a prepaid UPS label and now they have it for repairs. They received it on Aug 6th. luckily I still had the old Epic to activate and use in the meantime. Will keep you updated when it comes back.
    08-19-2012 04:26 PM
  12. dparker_sd's Avatar
    I am having the same issue, that started happening after the ICS update. I took my phone in to a Sprint store and they said it is my fault. I also had the Galaxy Epic 1 which had the same exact problem as well, I was able to renew my contract early and switched to the S2.
    08-20-2012 11:35 AM
  13. Greebe's Avatar
    It appears that the connector has two wires (could be carbon tow) which is used when the connector is manufactured. Problem is that these 'wires' are trimmed off at the connectors edge (the connectors 'tongue') They are molded in and must be just under the surface and therefor happily lift off if the tongues end is scuffed with your power/data cable. Think of it like that one hair on your face / neck that your razor just can't get, yet THERE IT IS!

    Well after fiddling around with the connector til I was blue in the face decided to make a tool. More specifically a fiberglass burnishing tool. I have several, but nothing I've ever seen in 40 years would work, time to belly up to the bar and make one that will. Epiphany moment was a fine fiberglass rod I had laying around that was from scrap FiOS cable. I would figure some Hobby Shops would carry something similar. This has fine glass fibers akin to that of carbon rod. just don't even think of using carbon ever. It conducts, will thrash everything inside the phone.

    After sanding a chisle tip that would allow me all the way into the connectors base. Worked it back and forth alot but gently, retesting every so many swipes. Finally success 15 minutes later.
    Phone has worked a peach ever since. Killed me for 2 weeks over this "loose connector/corrosion" blame game caca.

    $100 charge with insurance to cover an in warranty repair. HUH?! Learn to stand up for your rights and never allow an ***** to dictate to you what will be. Should have returned at another time/location and delt with someone a little more understanding

    Do Not Use Anything Conductive on this connector.

    FYI the connector on eBay runs $6 for Qu. 5 if you can solder at this skill level, the casing is easy, but the fingers are ~100 mil pitch
    08-20-2012 10:07 PM
  14. Greebe's Avatar
    Over voltage is caused by the power supply. That bleeping thing everyone refers to as a "charger" is in reality nothing more than a 5vdc power supply. The "charger" is built into the phone and they will always be built into the phone. It's the same setup as a laptop.

    Also have noticed this over voltage issue a few times on several e4gt's. After doing a bit of forensics work on them do believe the real culprit is dirty connector 5% of the time and Android OS 95%
    When you have very high quality test equipment, lifes alot easier to diagnose.
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    08-20-2012 10:19 PM
  15. bassamme's Avatar
    Just got off the phone with Samsung and here we go. Below is the actual repair update on their online support

    8/21/2012 11:41 AM-Pablo Garcia: The unit has left the technician. SOLUTION: Replaced Component - Replaced PBA - Replaced LCD - Repl

    aced Cosmetic
    8/21/2012 9:08 AM-Pablo Garcia: The Unit did not pass Quality Assurance Check.
    8/18/2012 9:32 AM-Pablo Garcia: The unit has left the technician. SOLUTION: Replaced Component - Replaced PBA
    8/18/2012 9:30 AM-Pablo Garcia: The Unit did not pass Quality Assurance Check.
    8/14/2012 9:40 AM-Anh: The unit has left the technician. SOLUTION: Replaced Component
    8/6/2012 6:10 PM-Cristin Finney: The unit has been received. Pack Condition: Fair Packaging (Orig. Box & Cushion)
    8/6/2012 6:10 PM-Cristin Finney: Accessory: WALL CHARGER,BATTERY,BATTERY COVER

    I tried to ask them at what point is the phone deemed defective and unrepairable. The answer I got from their "top" customer "I don't" care guy was it was up to the technician. I asked if there was a time limit or how many time they repair it before replacing he said no. In effect I could be without my phone for a very long time. Way to go Samsung............
    08-22-2012 12:22 PM
  16. maridalegeo's Avatar
    I am getting the same crap from Verizon regarding my Samsung phone that was only two months old, and was never exposed to moisture.
    So far Verizon is giving me a HARD time about removing the $99.00 charge from my bill.

    If the corrosion exists on a 2 month old phone, then Samsung has some quality control issues, and from what I am reading on this site, that seems to be the issue.
    08-23-2012 08:40 PM
  17. bassamme's Avatar
    Just got notification that the phone shipped. Very and pleasantly surprised....
    08-24-2012 07:20 AM
  18. Greebe's Avatar
    I live only a few miles from the gulf/sarasota bay where everything corrodes in a skinny minute and tell you point blank its not a corrosion issue. Have the tech prove it is. Demand PROOF!
    08-25-2012 10:11 AM
  19. ordinary_me's Avatar
    It isn't just Sprint. They keep saying the same about my teenage sons. i have replaced it twice and while I was in teh store the second time there was friend of mine in the store and they told her the same thing. How many others are there that they do the same thing to. My son doesn't take his anywhere near water. He runs cross country, but won't take his phone because of the drag. When I started talking to my friend in the store telling her the same thing happened to me and I thought it was a problem with US cellular they couldn't get me out of the store fast enough.
    09-13-2012 11:02 AM
  20. tbunderson's Avatar
    I got some seawater in my charging port and my phone (Droid Bionic) wouldn't charge. I took it to the verizon store and they "tried" to clean it out, but it still wouldn't charge. They said there was nothing they could do. I took it home and mixed some baking soda with water. I put a toothbrush in said concoction and jammed the bristles into the port and brushed the hell out of it. I washed it out with a little bit of alcohol. It's a little finnicky, but it charges now. (I FIXED MY PHONE!)
    01-23-2013 06:24 PM
  21. Danielle Starcher's Avatar
    did you use an alchol wipe, pour it in port, or put on qtip? I would not think you would pour it in. i checked where my battery is and the card it still white. I think something got on my car charger, probably snow.
    01-25-2013 08:00 PM
  22. Stuart Aldrich's Avatar
    I have noticed that since I have been charging my phone in the bathroom while listening to music while taking a shower that I have had a charging issue. I noticed green residue on the charging cord, which indicates oxidation. If the contacts are copper, then applying an electric current to the copper in a humid environment could accelerate the oxidation process.....
    01-27-2013 08:38 AM
  23. Stuart Aldrich's Avatar
    Do you charge it while taking a shower?
    01-27-2013 08:43 AM
  24. rbradkc's Avatar
    This Happened to my father at the beginning of the month, on top of that they lost is SD Card, then said he was lying.
    01-28-2013 10:39 AM
  25. bugwugger's Avatar
    I just got my phone back from samsung today that was still under warranty. says "your phone is beyond repair - corrosion, liquid damage. I had been getting the "voltage to high" while charging. I called them and they said the pba was bad and they wouldnt fix it under warranty. wtf wtf wtf. too bad I live in ohio or I woukd drive to them and sling it into there window.

    my phone just turned off one day during charging and wouldn't turn back on at all even with a new fully charged battery. never been near water.

    anyone want to help ?? I will even paypal you $$ for help thanks
    email me majik.6family@hotmail.com
    02-08-2013 03:43 PM
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