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    After getting downright fed up with my 9800 torch and it's slowness I picked up a Galaxy S II LTE from Rogers yesterday afternoon.

    Initial impressions are very good.

    Typing on the touch screen (my first) is actually quite easy. But I'm missing out on spellcheck. My accuracy is not bad, but my spelling is.

    The battery impressed me for such a device, as my torch rarely got me though the day, I had this thing plugging away all afternoon until way past my bed time...forgot my charger at work, and still have juice this morning. Very impressed.

    The camera is quite impressive for a mobile phone.

    The screen is bloody awesome. I cannot believe how bright and clear it is. Very impressed with this.

    The customizability is amazing. I love the widgets and being able to put them where I please. I really really like this.

    The biggest thing, a proper media player within Winamp. And having it being accessible from the lock screen. This is huge for me as I love my music and can't stand carrying around my phone and my ipod. And well, if I think my ipod touch OS sucks... I'm sure I wouldn't like the iphone much either.


    I cannot stand, and really this one issue could get me to go back to BB in a half second, how this thing handles email.
    I miss, and miss it quite a lot, being able to mark all previous as read.
    I miss my organization for email. In fact, I can't even find my email inbox for yahoo or work without getting an email in first... I'm sure that last part is just me.
    I don't like how I can't sort by unreads.
    I'm probably around 60+ emails a day, so this is a huge part of my phone life... I don't know if I can go without it.

    I even don't like the google rss readers I've found... or maybe i'm just too used to how BB News handles things.

    I do miss BBM a small tiny bit, but not enough to jump back at this point.

    Sure my BB had issues, it was slow, clunky, and would have issues with the browser/net connections sometimes. But at least it did its job with email properly. Is there an "app for that" ?
    02-14-2012 09:09 AM
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    Blackberries are and I believe will continue to be the leader's in push notifications and organization, but after a little getting used to you'll be happy with your switch. I've never used it but I hear alot of people say K-9 mail works well for them. Check it out on the market.

    Tapatalk via Razr Maxx or GNex
    02-14-2012 09:15 AM