03-21-2012 05:45 PM
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  1. mandyd78's Avatar
    So glad I read this thread. Just bought the epic 4g yesterday and had nothing but trouble with the keyboard. Just now downloaded swiftkey x and I love it. Feels more like the HTC EVO 4g keyboard I knew and loved.
    03-13-2012 12:22 PM
  2. blitzen89's Avatar
    Not a doubt, Swiftkey X!
    03-13-2012 02:55 PM
  3. ecigg's Avatar
    It's a shame you guys missed the .10 cent days. They had swiftkey X on sale for 10 cents back in December.
    03-13-2012 04:01 PM
  4. tp2386's Avatar
    No love for Touchpal?
    03-19-2012 08:33 PM
  5. tzhou1999's Avatar
    Thumb keyboard for me, error correction is insane
    03-19-2012 08:41 PM
  6. Murphy5111's Avatar
    tried a few and went back to stock. Didn't like swiftkey or gingerbread keyboard. Must be one of the few that really likes the Samsung keyboard and found nothing special with swiftkey. I even paid for it and don't like it.
    03-19-2012 08:53 PM
  7. sub150#AC's Avatar
    I like gingerbread keyboard the best. Swype and Swiftkey are 2nd and 3rd.
    03-20-2012 10:21 AM
  8. fofjjsr's Avatar
    I use Swiftkey and love it. The text predictions are so accurate it's crazy sometimes!

    Sent from my Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    03-21-2012 01:58 AM
  9. VDub2174's Avatar
    I'm a huge fan of Thumb Keyboard
    03-21-2012 10:56 AM
  10. skyo12's Avatar
    I use the ICS keyboard and Google IME for Korean input
    03-21-2012 05:45 PM
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