1. Eric16's Avatar
    Hey guys I seen this awesome setup on mycolorscreen website so I got ADW EX and using the Multipicture live wallpaper but for some reason the wallpaper isnt changing from screen to screen. I have wallpaper scrolling checked in the ADW settings and I went into the multipicture wallpaper settings and set each screen to a certain wallpaper/picture but it never changes from the leftmost screen (as their saying) or screen 1 starting from the far left. I have tried youtube and everything and for some reason its just not working for me I hope I get some info. Thanks

    PS I have this up on xda but as always I always get more info from here than there. 200 views alot of times and nothing back ha guess Im not liked
    02-18-2012 06:29 PM
  2. Eric16's Avatar
    Nevermind was reading some forums and I didnt realize the update a few weeks ago stopped wallpaper scrolling. I was wondering why before I started this setup I couldnt select a picture for a portrait or landscape view when selecting it as my wallpaper. Well 24 hrs of being pissed and trying everything and all for nothing
    02-18-2012 09:29 PM
  3. PanchoPlanet's Avatar
    You can get back scrollable wallpaper by flashing Calkulin's latest E4GT.Rom.v2.8.1. When this ROM was built the scrollable wallpaper feture was kept, so even though you have the latest update from sprint this feture is still working with Calkulin's ROM. Rooting and flashing this ROM will do it. And your phone will thank you for it, no bloatware, better Quadrant scores, longer batt life, my phone is running great on this ROM. Try it. Easy peasy !!!

    02-20-2012 01:39 AM