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    HELP! Updating Firmware with Kies - Device doesn't support updating via kies
    Hello! I'm trying to update my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sprint) firmware with Kies, and have been unsuccessful so far. When I connect my phone to Kies, it says "Your Device Does Not Support Updating Via Kies" under firmware upgrade.

    I'm currently running Android 2.3.6 (I updated it OTA first day I got the phone when I got the prompt), and have heard that could be a part of the problem?

    I'm wanting to update because I've heard the latest firmware is much better & will silence the camera when taking pictures (I take a lot of pictures at weddings, etc., so the snap doesn't work well for me : )).

    Any idea on what I can do to get my firmware updated to the latest Samsung firmware (I think it's xxlph or something like that)? I'm not necessarily opposed to using Odin or anything like that, just don't want to root or brick my phone! : )


    Model Number: SPH-D710
    Android Version: 2.3.6
    Basseband Version: S: D710.10 S.EL29
    Kernel version:
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.EL29
    Hardware Version: D710.10
    02-22-2012 12:26 PM
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    You are completely up to date, as far as official firmware goes. I'm afraid the latest firmware still includes camera shutter sounds, and there is no way to silence them without rooting your phone.

    So in short, there is nothing for you to update.
    02-22-2012 12:34 PM
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    Huh. Well that's a bummer! I thought 2.3.6 was the latest, but read some stuff that made me a bit confused. I read somewhere that the camera shutter was silenced when updated to the latest firmware.

    As far as rooting goes, do you know much about that? That's the only reason I would want to root.
    I rooted my Evo, but was hoping to not root this phone (I had a couple GPS issues, etc. with rooting my EVO, but I also flashed a custom rom on it).
    Any known problems with rooting the Galaxy?
    02-22-2012 12:38 PM
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    Yes I know a little bit about rooting this phone.

    It's quite easy to root the stock ROM using sfhub's one-click Odin solution. However, to remove your camera shutter sound, you either need to flash a custom ROM that has removed them, or create a text file in your /data folder on the phone.

    Root the stock EL29 ROM: [ODIN][TAR] SPH-D710.EL29_CL852097 (EL29 Modem/Kernel/ROM - Full Restore - Rooted) - xda-developers

    Read everything carefully and make sure you understand what you're getting into before you proceed. Assuming you decide to do it, you probably want to choose the "No Data" version to keep your data.

    To be able to silence your camera sounds, you would do this ...

    1. Create a file called "local.prop" in /data/ if it doesn't exist. Example: "/data/local.prop" You can do this with a file manager app like ES File Explorer (free on the market)
    2. Open the file "/data/local.prop"
    3. add the line to the file: ro.camera.sound.forced=0
    4. Save the file and reboot

    What this does is link your Camera sounds to your phone SYSTEM sounds. So turning your System sounds all the way off will silence your camera. If you happen to want camera sounds again, just turn up the volume on your system sounds.

    Disclaimer: I've never done the above, only read about it. I tend to run custom ROMs that already stripped out the Camera sounds. But the above should work and it's probably the most simple method to accomplish what you want. But if you're not comfortable working with files and flashing Android, I would strongly consider sticking with stock and dealing with the camera sounds.

    Good luck!
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    02-22-2012 01:02 PM
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    I SO appreciate you writing everything out!
    THANK you for all your information! : )
    02-23-2012 02:25 PM