1. anon(698137)'s Avatar
    So I just got a new Epic 4g Touch from Sprint 2 days ago. I am coming from a BB and another carrier so this is a critical first 3 days for me to see whether I want to keep the phone and/or the service. Overall the phone seems great as I learn about it but I have come to my first problem which is the live wallpaper. I can set the live wallpaper (specifically the 2 weather ones) without issue. I have them set to update every 30 minutes. I can see the wallpaper change from sun to night but I am not seeing it change to reflect the weather. The demo shows it can show rain and snow but I am not getting anything weather related. Right now I am in NY, the main page shows the time on top and below that my location and it says fog and shows fog to the right but the background is sunny as can be. Maybe it's me and something i'm missing but any help would be appreciated. I have done as much google searching on it as I can but no luck.
    02-24-2012 02:19 PM