1. engelstine's Avatar
    I just got my Epic 4g (rooted it today). Before I rooted the the phone I was able to stream espn3 from the main site. I have Comcast so I can stream espn3 but not the few choice providers for the WatchESPN app. I ended up installed all the adobe software and uninstalling the watchespn app and I could watch it on their site. Now I cannot stream even espn3 videos and it just loops to their page that says download the watchespn app. Has anyone seen this? Is there a different browser I should try? or is there an alternative to the WatchESPN app that streams espn3 videos. Ofcourse the other option is someone with the few choice providers share with me a user/pass to uses for the watchespn haha...
    03-09-2012 11:55 AM