1. qboronyrican's Avatar
    when i press the power button there is a delay (about 2-3 secs) before the lock screen comes on and while on a phone call when i pull the phone away from my face there is the same delay before the screen reappears. Is this a normal delay for this phone? it seems to not have a delay only when it is charging.
    03-13-2012 11:32 PM
  2. dtm_stretch's Avatar
    My does it too and on all roms. I kind of thought it was by design or something because no one else has said anything.

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    03-13-2012 11:41 PM
  3. qboronyrican's Avatar
    mine didint do it at first but after a few hours it started.....brought it back to sprint...they checked it out and gave me a new phone...didnt do it again but then again after a few hours again
    03-14-2012 12:24 AM
  4. JayWill's Avatar
    Ah this one hasn't come up in awhile.

    My bet is you have a micro SD card in your phone. If you want to do a little test, shut down, take the card out then reboot. Then turn off your screen for several minutes to make sure it dropped into deep sleep, then hit your wake button. My money says your wake lag drops to almost none.

    It has to do with the way this phone comes out of deep sleep that increases wake time when there's an SD card installed.

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    03-14-2012 12:38 AM