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    Just wanted a bit of perspective out there. Which option drains the battery more, using 3g only or 4g? I've ran across this argument more then I would expect. Many people or reps are saying using 4g puts less strain on your battery because due the increase speed, pages n application renders much quicker causing the phone to load items must lesser which in effect put less strain on the device and ultimately on the battery. 3g being a much slower speed does make the device render pages, etc much longer and application like facebook, email, and web browsing can be a drag. I've tested both options and indeed I do see a slight boost in battery performance with the use of 4g. But I maybe I'm swayed by all the theories I've heard. Ultimately, if I can save battery life, 3g isn't all that bad. But if 4g is a better option, who will complain.

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    03-14-2012 11:11 AM
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    Just based on personal experience:

    - 3G standalone is better than 4g standalone by quite a bit
    - Both are horrible for battery drain in bad reception area
    - When both are at optimal reception area during use, 4G can be a bit better due to the time it saves to load data. I would normally switch off 4G when not in use afterwards.
    03-14-2012 02:57 PM
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    Same as above. I only use 4G when i am in a strong 4G area and weak 3G. OR when i am needing to DL a large file, update several apps or streaming content.
    Otherwise it stays on 3G.
    Or WiFi if available.
    03-14-2012 05:55 PM